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14th July 2015, 04:25 AM
Hello mr Robert.

Hope you're doing fine.

Mr Robert I have a question about two spots on my body, I marked them on the picture,

the spots are located not far from my solar plexus chakras on my ribs from both sides.

The problem is that during energy work I feel strong pressure and cramping sensations at these places the same way as I feel them on my chakras and sometimes even stronger,

I feel these two spots long time already may be a couple years...

Mr Robert do you have any idea what it might be? Are there any energy centers at these places?


Robert Bruce
14th July 2015, 12:27 PM
if you only get cramping here during ework, then it is definitely ebody chakra related.

these areas relate to solar plexus chakra, and are generally also related to personality self esteem and personal power.

There are ways to work on this, and you may have tried some

Meditate on these issues, and consider to get a checkup by a therapist on self esteem /power issues

if cramping is not too severe, try some intense ework sessions where you do heavy work on these areas.

Also, try doing banishments and consecrations on these areas.

Try marking these areas with circle and X in blue ballpoint pen.

Try Tiger Balm.

Experiment with crystals and stones.

affirmations are your most powerful tool. Spoken aloud. 'my solar plexus chakra is happy. my self esteem is good. my personal power is strong. my solar plexus chakra activates easily' and similar. When you do this, imagine these areas smiling and laughing happily. Also 'my kundalini raises easily and powerfully' and similar, will help.

make good use of driving time and waiting and alone time for these.

14th July 2015, 05:44 PM
Thank you very much for your response mr Robert.

I Will definitely follow your instructions and I'll do my best to overcome this obstacle.

21st September 2018, 11:38 AM
Finally, after about 3 years of meditation and energy work I managed to overcome the obstacle in that area. This summer, one day when I was falling asleep I felt like the energy raised through my spine from tailbone to heart chakra and since then I feel strong energy sensations in my heart chakra on my spinal column ... since last year I was actively practising sitting meditation both transcendental and mindfulness and Ekhart Tolle's books are helped me alot to understand and quiet my mind. Now the energy sensations after overcoming the obstacle on the solar plexus area are a bit changed. I feel a lot of sensations in my spinal column in different sections between chakras and last night I had completely new sensations of energy waves from my tailbone to my crown.... I feel strong energy sensations mostly when I fall asleep or wake up from the deep sleep (in the state when the body asleep but mind partly awake).