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8th November 2015, 07:56 PM
What a fab day. Just wanted to say.
Weather miserable and damp outside. Alone in house all day .(:)Decided to get my head stuck into some reading about higher self and all the different titles given I'm connected to.
Then I changed my mind.
Had the kitchen smelling wonderful making a giant pan of home made vegetable soup for the freezer.
Went out in the rain and cleared mouldy plants from the green house. Just smelling the damp from the ground was wonderful. But the best was to come.
Did the ironing with ELVIS screaming out singing to me as I ironed. Bought his album 'IF I CAN DREAM.'
You have to have it on full blast ( no neighbours). The last track is the 'If I can dream' .OMG he sings with such passion.Found myself throwing my arms up in rhythm with the song.( reminds me of one of the Mr.BEAN films where he is filmed in the bathroom just letting himself go with the music)
Tried an hour meditation but couldn't get rid of monkey mind so finished with the Elvis track again.
Downstairs to find the Nanny Mc Fee film on. I never get involved in films, so I watched it. Oh how lovely and soppy and funny. Her final commandment was to be brave and have faith. The formation of pigs flying and elephants in the sky taking form was wonderful. Imagine if violent films were banned and we just watched lovely gentle ones with humour.
I Feel ive had a very spiritual day full of pleasure, good emotions, lovely words to listen to, lovely smells, lovely music, been creative.
If I'm happy then my Higher self part / soul part must be happy too!
Just wanted to say.

8th November 2015, 10:20 PM