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David Mustardseed
16th July 2005, 12:37 PM
For a while I have been observing how the interaction between people change as relationships grow and mature or deterioate. The recent example from the AP with Frank is just one in many. My concern or rather my interest is on the subject of what role neg attachments play, in such a case.

It seems evident that very strong willed people are able to actually inflict a spiritual attack on another person. Robert and others have written a great deal about that and I am sure many of you have been at both ends of that “stick”.

Often, what started as maybe a strong opinion or opposition to someone else, maybe through a hurt ego or other personal issues and destabilizing factors, is able to change in to a full blown neg attachment in the life of the aggressor. What was just a mild dislike for someone, or opposition to their opinion in any given discussion turns personal, people display tendencies of viciousness and aggression that may otherwise not be their nature. After a while these feelings of resentment can grow totally out of proportion, and under these circumstances I suspect there may often be neg influences at play.

I was wondering how you all see this. We have a big issue in the workplace in Europe these days that we call “mobbing”. It happens when a few people or maybe a boss alone teases and mentally “tortures” an employee for no known reason other than exertion of power. It is being recognized in court and huge sums of money are being paid out in settlements, to the offended parties.

It seems that negs capitalize on and seek out any destructive environment and people with said vices and use their pride and a desire for power in much the same way as those who practice black magic etc albeit in a lesser degree.

What do you think

Regards Mustardseed

16th July 2005, 02:14 PM
Well, in my opinion neg phenomena in workplaces is true. I suspect that there are many conflicts in my life (at the work) what is neg induced. Either from "my" negs or someone elses.

But then - after reading R.B's Practical Psychic Self Defense I have noticed that if certain kind of feeling approaches me it is a sign that something negative is working on myself. Usually feelings of jealousy and suspicousness (sorry for the english...) arise from nothing. But then again I know that they are not from me so there's a change to control them.

In the past it has given me problems though because I have always thought that those kind of feelings are real (being empathetic ) - lead to false understandings and misbehaviour.

maybe little off topic but my 2 cents anyway :)

16th July 2005, 05:10 PM
That people do these things unconsciously to each other is really nailing it on the head.

Negs add an interesting curve to things in how the modify the energies around people. It seems to be fairly common to change the energies around someone to have the world interact with the "victim" in a negative way. Think of it as an energetic billboard the says "abuse me".

It is also possible for a neg that has taken residence in a person to do things energetically tho their friends/relatives to disrupt good relationships. It is my understanding that powerful negs will leave "larvae" in there victims that can spread to people they associate with.

Another thing that seems very common is to just try and block all of the good energies from the target. Much like Donald's "egg" to keep someone from harming you, an egg can be placed to block good energies from getting in, and retain the negative energies that are there. The effect is like having your kidney's shut down, you poison yourself over time. Also, everyone sees you surronded with bad energies, and people that are unaware, or not savy enough to understand what they are seeing attribute the pool of negative energies as the fault of ther person they surround, and will unconsciously start to shun or avoid that person.

Very bad karma involved with that last one, you do not want the debt of doing that to someone.

17th July 2005, 01:37 AM
True words, have nothing constructive to say but to accept. Learning all the way.

18th July 2005, 03:37 PM
Also, everyone sees you surronded with bad energies, and people that are unaware, or not savy enough to understand what they are seeing attribute the pool of negative energies as the fault of ther person they surround, and will unconsciously start to shun or avoid that person.

I have experience with that. Plenty of it. Being on the receiving end, that is.

That is also similar to the idea that alot of people have which is that bad things only happen to bad people. They believe this in a modifiable and basic way, so that they can explain the bad things that happen to them and to people they want to lift up as something else and still have room to explain the bad things that happen to people they choose to dislike as being fit for them. This is a very bad thing as well.

18th July 2005, 08:54 PM
IME, yes, a strong-willed person with strong emotions towards another person can unintentionally induce things to happen, and attachments to form without the knowledge or consent of the other person.

I find that people with these abilities can draw things to themselves. For instance, if you have a psychically-gifted person who was abused or hurt and views the world as a bad place and expects bad things to happen, they can easily draw bad things to themselves. A less psychic person may not have this problem. You can see how a gifted person like this could affect a person they're obsessing about. They might draw a lot of negative events to that person. If they are in love with that person, their obsession might cause the other person to be attracted in a confused sort of way.

This sort of thing has happened to me, both (unintentionally) perpetrating and receiving. It's still happening. I have to frequently monitor myself for connections ("negs") forming, and be very careful that I do not cause any to form. I'm glad you brought this up. It's not the same level of distress as having a demon attack you, but it's still an unpleasant experience that should be actively avoided.

David Mustardseed
19th July 2005, 04:44 AM
Just today I tried to get on the AP and found my account, Mustardseed, has been deleted. One of the moderators there had sent me a indignant PM complaining I was gossipping about her and telling me how horrified she was, at the unkind attitude that was being displayed on this forum against the AP.

I wrote back and explained why I had started the thread about Neg attachments and included a few comments from different people. She never replied but now after 3 days I am out. Although I dont care a whole lot its a funny think how one still feels violated when stuf like this happens. It feels so totalitarian. .............so I guess I will hang out here instead 8)

Regards David