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25th November 2015, 06:39 PM
Night of 11/24/2015

Oh man… I was excited after the experience the night before. I did not even realize that when I do energy exercises that I should skip the Full Moon days… I mean literally it was so easy to feel energy last night, it was almost ridicules. I did all the exercises like brushing, sponging and stirring of energies and very quickly my feet activated and also the hands, which BTW. buzzed the whole night. I set my intentions on having an OOBE and I did everything I could to prepare myself.

After all the energy work that I’ve done I felt strong buzzing in my root chakra, it was on and off throbbing like crazy. I also felt my heart chakra sometimes going bonkers, but with all the sensations I learned to keep quiet and not let the overwhelming sensations take me off guard. I am well prepared to know which sensations can happen and so it makes it definitely easier to handle them, when they do come on.

However afterwards I tried to settle down and relax my body for the trance state. The energy continued pumping even though I did not do the exercises actively anymore. The lovely Awareness Momentum must have kicked in. I focused on my Third Eye and felt the throbbing sensation, after a while of lying still I also felt my heart chakra activate very strongly, it felt like racing very strongly. However the energy was so strong last night that I could not focus away from my body for a long time. Every time I focused my awareness on bouncing through the room or swinging etc. I felt some weird energy sensations, such as tingling and pinpricks on my left foot ball. Or a rushing sensation of energy coming from the left leg etc.

After a while lying on my back I suddenly felt this pulsing pain in my elbows again, instead of resisting the pain I went there and energy wrapped the joints of my elbows, it made it less painful. But it was already too long and so I checked if I was actually deep in trance or not, by just sitting up. As I did this my upper body went up and I felt a cracking sensation. I decided to take this chance to stretch my muscles and massage the elbows which felt like being worked out… I used the bathroom and lay back in bed, at that time it was already 1:00 am… So I thought okay, time for bed and some sleep. But NO I could not even fall asleep, because my mind was focused on staying awake for possible OOBE. And so it continued the whole night…

There was one incident in which I suddenly saw a vision screen in my Third Eye, this time the vision was kind of clear and I could actually focus on the things I saw. The first picture was a graphic of a feather kind of object, it was pointing with the tip of the feather to the left, there was a red highlight around the tip and something being written around it, what it was I do not know. After that I saw another vision of a pencil and it painted a symbol which I remembered, it looked like this:


Any idea what that is?

After that I focused on my third eye, which was throbbing again and I remember that I used the awareness hand exercise to brush the area and instead of going back and forth I suddenly painted the symbol of a star on my forehead, I actually felt the lines because of the focused awareness in that area. This star is what I painted:

But no OOBE and no sleep either… I could not fall asleep, because of the constant energy surges and tingling and sparkling everywhere. so yeah it was a sleepless night, but for odd reasons I am not tired this morning.

25th November 2015, 08:59 PM
Hi Tanjeria, when I saw your first drawing it reminded me of a snail but assuming this is a symbol of some sort the nearest I came up with was the double spiral. The thing is yours is heavier on one side so I don't know. The fact that you drew the 6 pointed geometric hexagram star which is used in historical, religious and cultural context then maybe it was a symbol of the double spiral.
I haven't put the meanings , they can be found easy in the Internet and of course it would be up to you to choose the meaning that feels right for you.

26th November 2015, 09:13 PM
Hi Tanjeria, when I saw your first drawing it reminded me of a snail but assuming this is a symbol of some sort the nearest I came up with was the double spiral. The thing is yours is heavier on one side so I don't know. The fact that you drew the 6 pointed geometric hexagram star which is used in historical, religious and cultural context then maybe it was a symbol of the double spiral.
I haven't put the meanings , they can be found easy in the Internet and of course it would be up to you to choose the meaning that feels right for you.

Wow I just looked at pictures of the Double Spiral and it looks very similar I have to say. Now it could be that the vision ended too early and I did not see the end result, or it was the end. I have no idea. It looked also a lot like a symbol for the coiled Kundalini energy! But also like the spiral that is depicted as the Hand palm chakra that people use for healing etc. All interesting thoughts!

Another Restless Night


Night of 11/25/2015

It almost seems as if the sudden sleep pattern change that many describe hits me too now. I never had these problems, I go to bed and would fall asleep right away. My husband could not wake me up a few times even while touching me, I would just be out somehow… But since two days now, and I do not know if it has to do with my energy sensitivity growing or the Full Moon suddenly affecting me, but I just cannot fall asleep. It almost seems as soon I lay in bed on my back my whole body creates energy and I feel strong pulses, buzzing and throbbing in my Root Chakra. But not only that the last night was highly intense and energetic, I would even go as far as to say it was stronger than the night before.

I was lying on my back and right away energy started rising, even while not doing the energy exercises. It seems my Higher Self took over and did the work, that I started a couple of days ago. It’s kind of amazing actually how automatic it was. My feet started buzzing, then strong energies would go up the legs, I felt wraps of energy around my knees. Then my hands activated and buzzed like crazy!

But not only that, of course I could not fall asleep because of the strong energy work that was being done on me. Everything was just buzzing like crazy, no way to fall asleep this way… So I was awake until 1:00 am once again… Then after a while I felt extremely strong surges, rushes and explosions of energetic shivers, chills and tingles all at the same time on the back and then on front of my body, my chest exploded in sparkles all over, I actually felt them spreading to the arms and shoulders. In that moment my heart made a huge thump. After that my Solar Plexus chakra blubbered and released the same chills and sparkles all over. After that a bubble of energy got released and I felt it tactile traveling through the stomach to the left side of my body and I actually jumped as the bubble reached my left flank side, I am just too sensitive in these areas and I actually jumped because it felt literally like something touched me there after the bubble went in there.

After a long night of no sleep, I suddenly got cold underneath the blanket, and I tried to cover my whole body underneath and somehow I did indeed fall asleep, do not ask me how I managed to do it and when it actually happened, I have no idea.

DREAM: Hand and strong pain

I had a dream, but all that is actually left from it is the sensations. I met a guys who was covering his hands with weird tattoos. Weird text, symbols and pictures. And when he showed me the last one that was done to him He said “These are Bush bear and Putin bear” Two weird looking bear faces with a combination of President Bush and Putin’s faces…

I actually saw them in front of me… Then after that i remember an extreme pain in my left hand. It was so painful that in the dream I could not open my hand, it was completely stiff and closed, as I tried to open the hand my palm was red, sore and sweating. I asked myself the question “Why does my hand hurt so much?” But then answered my own question “It’s because I am becoming emphatic, I feel the pain of this guys tattoos…” I woke up after that dream and checked my left hand which was crazily buzzing. It felt like there was a hole in the center of my palm…

2nd December 2015, 07:29 PM
December 2, 2015 (https://kundaliniawakeningprocess.wordpress.com/2015/12/02/energetic-experience-alcohol-no/)

Energetic experience (alcohol = NO)


It has been a very long time since I drank anything at all and this includes wines as well. But last evening we had a guest over for a big dinner which I prepared from 4 PM on. At 7 PM the guest arrived and of course he brought a bottle of red wine. So of course my husband felt it to be right to drink a glass or two with our friend. I thought one glass of wine will not make a huge difference… But I was dead wrong! The first thing that happens after 1 glass of wine is that I become funny and more open in what I say to other people. But after this first phase of fun and happiness the wine effects change and I become tired.
I know now for sure that wine or any alcohol is a big NO. Why? Because I realized in bed that it suddenly became difficult to focus my awareness to raise energy and stimulate my energy body. It got kind of sluggish and that was the first thing I felt after trying to place my awareness into my feet and legs, it was suddenly difficult to feel the energy.

However I continued for a while even though I did not have the touch this night to feel the energy I know it still works. Robert Bruce says even if you do not feel anything at first, the awareness actions still work on the energy body. So after a while, I just stayed relaxed laying on my back and focused on my breath. That helped me a lot lately to stay focused and aware.

After a few minutes of doing so, I suddenly felt a nudge or something similar on my right side of the head. It felt like very quickly being pushed from the right side. But other than that nothing else happened. So I turned around and closed my eyes and continued to focus on my breath. It did not take a long time until I felt a strong rush of energy once again. after a while I suddenly started seeing a white glowing face fading into my vision behind closed eyes, in that moment a white light flash lit up my vision screen, it was all very fast!

I suddenly started seeing another one of these moving vision screens. But this time it was directly related to what I am focusing on during the day. I started seeing music note sheets with all kind of notes, floating towards me. It went like that for a few seconds until the vision disappeared. I saw tons of symbols and bigger letters which did not look familiar as well, before the sheet music appeared!