View Full Version : Question about an interesting pattern

6th December 2015, 10:36 PM
Dear Mr. Bruce,

I have another question for you. Since the activation in august 2014 I slowly became aware of an almost always repeating pattern. The energy gets high, I feel the electric current in my spine and then suddenly out of nowhere I do not feel anything anymore and not even the energy work does work the same way then. And this always happened a few days before my female period kicked in! It continues for 4-5 days and after that suddenly the energy gets stronger again.

At first I thought it was coincidence, but then I recognized it to happen every single time. 2 days ago my energy went low, I became moody and could not feel the energy during energy work. And I said out of fun, well maybe I get my period again... And guess what I was right, one day later it started! It's still low energy and I feel kind of miserable.

Do you have any experience with females and active Kundalini, that the whole energy body including K. gets affected by the female cycle? or is it just me?

Thank you in advance!