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18th July 2005, 02:58 AM
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The reason is, by example, the interest of no-so-actual movies and books with paranormal related subjects. By example, "The Entity" (1981)

Look at http://maxpages.com/mapit/THE_ENTITY_CASE

Similar reasoning, I guess, is applicable to some ancient books.

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Natalia Parker

18th July 2005, 03:13 AM
Hi folks..!
About "The Entity" movie, of sure you know it, at last film story sequence a researcher team tryes to freeze the ghost (the entity) with liquid Helium ( -273 ºC or 0 ºK). They fail... he he he... only reaching to freeze atmosphere moisture. :shock:
But since event was clearly unexplainable researcher team chief assume the typical sceptic attitude of mainstream science.
Now, I'll give the benefit of doubt and not to qualify researcher team chief attitude as coward. Science methods requires to study repeatable phenomena under rigorous control and planning. Was only one attempt of to capture the entity. Then researchers don't had enough data for to analyse. Then, the apparently cowardy of chief was justified.

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Natalia Parker

28th May 2006, 09:11 AM
if you make some searches at google you will find many a article indicating that the freezing part in the movie---the entity was one of the few parts which were completely untrue and fictitious.

some articles mention that the movie, in most part, was based on true events that did happen though this freezing part never occured, since the victim has allready made a duck to dissapear from the reasearchers and everyone else that was trying to help her.

Now other searches I have made has located more articles and stories by people seeking help with similar problems.

My question is what causes these events? Is it a succubus / incubus attack or something else? What troubles me is that these attack occur while the victim is awake, and in some instances not even close to a bed or night time rest.

Maybe someone can shed some light here.