View Full Version : projection or dream about projecting?

18th July 2005, 05:41 AM
hey a few nights ago i had a dream where i was standing with my sister and she started floating then she said how she did it was she visualized somebody floating. then it worked for me. Then i woke up (or i could have had a dream about waking up) then i felt a pulsing energy around my body and i thought yay i'm gonna project but then a wave of fear struck me (i didn't even know i was scared of it) so i stopped and went back to sleep but i'm wondering whether i really woke up or just dreamed it? Can u give me any help? thanx :)

5th August 2005, 02:07 AM
Did the "fear" feel like it was in your chest area? Because this could have been your heart chakra being very active and not your actual heart beating. The heart chakra feels like it is beating 300 beats/min. but your actual heart is probably beating pretty normally. What is happening, is your projectable double is being generated and you are getting ready to project.