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14th July 2016, 07:46 PM
Hi guys! :grouphug: hope you are doing well.
How does thought materialize into fact? what's the process behind it?
I would really appreciate it if you know a book that really gets into the materialization (manifestation) process- and what I mean by that is how does it happen? what happens when you think a thought? where does it manifest first? the mental? and then it goes to the astral when you concentrate on it? or something like that. I want to know exactly what's behind it (not on the Quantum Physics level).

For example, one of the things that made me think about it was Helene Hadsell's SPEC method for manifesting. She says you need to "project" it (she means visualize and feel like you have it already). Sounds like projection, to me! So when you visualize something, it happens in the astral? you literally project? I know, for example that sometimes I imagine something while falling asleep and then I actually feel it on my body, in the RTZ. It manifests, on that level.
Also, of course, contless times, when I was tired in the morning and wanted to do something (like check the time), when I intend to do that, the astral double does it (and gets the time right! lol). So, maybe when you want to do something, or imagine yourself doing something, it happens in the astral as well?

So what goes on behind the curtains of manifestation? if you know something reliable, or just really want to be nice and explain what you know (or refer me to a link or a thread that you know, because I haven't found any), I would really, really, really appreciate it!!!

thanx for reading, anyway! wish you all the best,
dontco :heart:.