View Full Version : Kundalini/ spirit attacking me!

18th July 2016, 12:38 AM
I want to raise my kundalini, but I have a spirit tormenting me and he wont leave, he gives me depression and nightmares. I don't know how to get rid of him. Can I still Raise my kundalini if I have a spirit tormenting me? How do I get rid of the spirit?

18th July 2016, 01:57 AM

A spirit?



When the pupil is ready, the teacher comes.


Likewise, when the Pupil is gone, the Teacher is ready. Like every day comes and goes, having Gone...Comes The Dawn of a New Day Arising.

The Day Is At Hand - http://youtu.be/x9AMUlVat4c

I visit Nirvana thru my ear buds.

Ignorance is bliss, the blissful are oblivious, and at great cost are loneliness. Freqs

Diamonds - http://youtu.be/lWA2pjMjpBs

The height of Joy is equidistant to the depth of Sorrow.

How high is to how deep the cost, as small IS to G're-@.

Nowhere else is sorrow more acutely felt, than in heaven.

How do Joy & Sorrow come hand & hand to/two/too...BE!?

Gospel of Thomas, Saying 29