View Full Version : Wanna get the Program but....

1st August 2016, 05:32 PM
Hey so I read on the site that you offer the DVD version but when it comes to payment I don't see the option to receive the DVD? Also I was wondering if I could have both because I know how sometimes people update the online version and I just want to stay in the loop. Another thing is I really want to get the program but i'm kind of nervous because I keep reading that once you start there's no point of return and that kind of freaks me out a little bit to think that this could be a bad experience that I can never recover from. On the flipside I really want to elevate my consciousness and activate my hidden talents and powers and be the super light being that I know I am. Also I just want to say Robert you really inspire me thank you for all of your work and you are just simply amazing to me! I'm from Chicago Illinois in the United States and I know you're in Australia I just really wish that I could have you as a personal mentor because I feel my potential and I know that having amazing teacher like you would just take me to the next level and I believe that you do have classes and seminars and Australia but once again the United States. I'm open to being your prodigy Lol seriously ! If your ever open to that I'm here !