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21st November 2016, 05:40 AM
Can survive one month without spiritual support from my consultant counciler

Aligining my vibration with gabriell's oracle card frequency by learning how to work with tarot cards

mediating when voices are there worst

Completely blocking of voices without the support of medication

Neg Free from raising vibration

Removing voices from raising vibration (pending)

know how to speed read(know how to learn, it at a later date)

(independant) Out of body experience know how to project out of the trance state

(independant) Lucid Dreaming

6 years smoke free because of learning the lessons of the alan carr book

Positive Programming

Learnt how to be a strong love heart

Getting into the moment lots of experiences on a regular basis for many years

PSSD book empowerment

The Great White Secret learnt from within

Learning invocation(independantly)

Archangel michael is a prayer away from protection

Working with my higher self intimately

Can see angels a few seconds every so often

Can see my light body come out of my body like it's physically there

Touch Typing

Independent anxiousness relief

Working with white sage
Rose Oil

Psychic Shower Hygiene

Working with the medication

Self Reiki work on myself anytime needed

Good Control what I eat(organic based food for raising vibration) very careful what I eat

Astral Dynamics Forum Mastery some threads very very hot more then 2,000 views on some

Staying out of hospital
more then 5 years not getting unwell anymore

Medication completely blocking 3 thirds of the time or more now room for spiritual growth,

85% roughly no voices on medication. The clozapine saved my life from voices

good at maths

lots of gods light within myself giving me gods given power

premature geek empowerment

astral dynamics forum teacher

social empowerement

Positivitity Empowerement

Loving thinking

I will add more to the empowerment list when it comes more deeper within brain memory

28th November 2016, 03:51 AM
Making your own empowerment list lets you know how far and what you have achieved in this lifetime.

Angels want to empower you as much as possible <- learnt by my spiritual consultant

Empowerment aligns you with the divine nature, when your of the divine