View Full Version : How many electrical spikes will be felt before the snake is released?

14th February 2017, 10:24 PM
How many electrical spikes will be felt before the snake is released?

Robert Bruce
14th February 2017, 11:31 PM
This varies quite a bit.

I know people that only get k spike symptoms and do not progressed beyond, often for many years.

In some other people, the K spikes are so easily caused, this interferes with their meditations, and sometimes even their sleep.

The first time I did it, I got a few electrical feeling k spikes, and then one massive k spike that heralded the full k rising that was about to happen.

So, this is not something that can be used as a yard stick.

However, the existence of K spikes itself does indicate that Kundalini is active.

If the situation where k spikes are present continues, with no other result, this indicates that there are blockages that need addressing.

The types of blockages that hinder Kundalini rising are usually either personality or trauma based, or both. For example, where persons have significant childhood traumas, kundalini can be blocked until this this processed. Another common situation is where a personality is underdeveloped in certain areas, like communication (throat chakra) or romantically (heart chakra) and etc. With these types of blockages, I recommend a multi pronged approach. Energy work methods, Core Image Work, and also the help of a psychologist is most helpful.

It may be difficult to find a psychologist that is open to the idea of kundalini. They do exist, but you might have to search around a bit.

The only psychologist I know of that actually works in such areas is my son, Ben. He can be found at www.brucepsychology.com
Also see www.wakingmad.com (http://www.wakingmad.com)

Ben will do Skype video consultation.