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18th July 2005, 01:46 PM
I'm new here i've read all the psychic defense articles on this and
the AP site. But there isn't any that really help people understand
what is going on in the mind of the victim.

I have a constant voice in my head along with the so called astral
noises. The paranormal stuff is kinda cool.Nothing like getting a choked
from an invisible hand and tell it that was cool do it again. The voice
gets rel old.

So I started repeating a single word over & over again to fill airtime
After 3 days I began argueing with it while repeating the word. Here
comes the cool part you slip a word or thought past the argueing and
it confuses the entitie.

Thats were its slipping thoughts in. The entitie has to start repeating
what is said or thought with practice you can make it say anything and
it can't do a dam thing .But give in and say the words!

At night now I got two cd players that has one earphone each. Both
cds are talking cds. (This is a huge weakness). If somebody was to
come up with a layered cd. There mind wouldn't be able to handle it.

But by far the best counter measure is support. I have it with my
wife. It really helps with the mental issue.D K and others you have
my support in Oregon.


Dr. Rumfield
25th July 2005, 05:50 AM
Hello Dan,

My personal experience as a victim is the Negs exploit your weaknesses and do all they can to break you down (you probabally realize this by now).

Best I can tell from the neg's point of view is they are running out of victims (us) and becomming more desperate for energy (food), from us. Their intelligence doesn't seem very high but they are matched to the average victim (human) today, think about it... how smart are we compared to 50 years ago when read books for fun and had dinner as a family?

OK, getting back to the Negs... They are invading YOU and absorbing all of their natural resourses (people's energy), multiplying quicker than their environment can sustain them. (sound like any planets you have lived on?) It appears that we as humans attracted this to us and the negs are a symptom of a bigger problem, us destroying ourselves.

In order to handle your specific issues, you have to be as strong minded as God and cast these hungry beasts out of your life, house and preferabally the planet (helps all of us). If you feel comfortable destroying them, I comfortably give you support in this. Millions of people die every day on the planet, why not a few Negs? Enpower yourself as a positive member of the universe to clean up your psychic space and claim your power. Use your will and desire to send them on their way visualizing what ever works for you. Main thing is to NEVER BACK DOWN, not just for a cleaner mind for you but this is a lesson to buckle down and take care of business... they are trying to TAKE YOU OVER... don't you have a problem with that? It may seem like a full time job at times and for a while but I think your sanity and soul are a slightly higher priority than work and play. Don't quit your job, just get rid of them while working, playing, etc.

After dealing with these negs in whatever way you choose, they eventually will back down and seek greener pastures but I wonder, when they run out of these pastures, what will they do to support the species?

We are running out of rain forests, what will we be willing to do?

25th July 2005, 10:06 AM
Best I can tell from the neg's point of view is they are running out of victims (us) and becomming more desperate for energy (food), from us. Their intelligence doesn't seem very high but they are matched to the average victim (human) today, think about it... how smart are we compared to 50 years ago when read books for fun and had dinner as a family?

I have some common ground with this, perhaps would add that maybe not so much running out of victims but also a change in patterns reducing the locations where energy could easily be obtained resulting in more of a focus on individuals. My observations indicate that places of gathering, for example churches and maybe some pubs and the like, have often been exploited for the energy released. In general people perhaps do not gather in the same way that they traditionally did now that technology plus changing attitudes have changed social behaviour.
Agree on the intelligence level, there is frequently the sense that entities are sufficiently self aware to know they have limitations and some seek to extend themselves by trying to experience human activity mental, emotional and physical.

25th July 2005, 08:45 PM
Me personaly i don't think the negs are running short on victims
with todays society! With the wide spread of crystle meth in U.S.
Also like Alex say's how open to suggestion most of us are.


26th July 2005, 09:54 PM
yesterday i managed to strike a deal after some months of pushing around with a bunch of entities because i was taking way too much energy from lay lines situated under my flat (one running under my bed, talk about astral highway, but i just love laying on it and tuning into earth's gridwork) and there wasn't enough energy available for them

actually when you get down to buisness they are quite agreeable fellows, sent them to part of my being to learn and move higher, i run the place now :)
there are still lots of parasites on my neighbours, but they feed on humans only, and we don't disturb each other

only few people are awakening, the rest remains the same, TV makes them more suspectible to psychic attacks, as majority of electric devices
personally i found that i can't concentrate when listening to tv, subtle vibrations are disturbed, and thoughts get considerably lower and simpler (usually along the line : turn the %*(*& thing off)

Dr. Rumfield
28th July 2005, 04:31 PM
It sounds like you gave away a DIRECT LINK to these things to gain "control" over your space.

I have experienced Negs will sometimes try to strike a "deal" in order to gain more control / posession, they offer it to you and when you accept, they back down quite a bit making you feel like you have won. After a time (usually pretty short) they steadily and less noticably take back their controls and eventually more because you gave it to them!!

They are tricky and giving away ANY part of you is NOT a good idea. If they were positive / loving spirits, they can find their own internal power source and not need any part of you.

Be careful, this is a war and you are dealing directly with the enemy. :?

Dr. Rumfield
28th July 2005, 04:33 PM
Sorry, I mis read your post... got it all wrong. I didn't realize you were taking their energy.

28th July 2005, 05:42 PM
sent them to part of my being to learn and move higher, i run the place now :)

i have many concurrent existances, one teaches in higher planes

hm, not control, i am supporting earth's energy flow in my vicinity, cleansing etc, got gaia's support in return (hard to maintain vibration in the density of the city), but i overextended myself a bit in my recent work, provoking this specific group

i usually restort to love energy, change and make them more aware of their actions, show better alternatives, etc, it's no fun being in their position, they are not stupid (well, some are pretty stubborn :roll: )

have you considered teaching them how to use earth's energy ? then they don't have to use humans and can evolve beyond this sh*t

yeah, there are exceptions, but finding out what the stakes are usually solves the problem
(in exceptional cases i send them to higher planes for cleansing and restructuring, if they thrive on negative energy, they have none left and are actually weaker/powerless, more details here http://www.geocities.com/tayesin/)

the problem is, if you have no true love or understanding, none of this will work, and usual folks treat this as BS, and indeed for them it is so

29th July 2005, 06:19 PM
I personally think that you can not change them! I seen a shaman
once, she told me to send it love. I came to the same conclusion that
Robert say's in his book. Negs. truely see this as a weakness! They
are a psychopath in it's purist form. You can't change them!


29th July 2005, 07:18 PM
sending love is different than sending energy like a victim in a robbery

i will try to describe my state of mind during this, maybe this will give you idea
first i feel interference, then percieve/understand what it is based on/attached to from my side (ex guilt), on what programs it is based on (what it does to energy body), heal and remove it, then i move to the sender and percieve the reasons for sending it, then usually compassion kicks in and i start to channel information into it showing why this method won't work, what are better, more harmonious ways etc (at higher self level, so these are whole concepts, not words)

when it doesn't work, i send blast of gold love energy, transforming and draining them of negative energy (stunning them), then i inspect their energy matrix and heal it enough for my reasoning to work, or send them to higher planes when there is too much

this gold-love energy transforms most of the energy they operate on and interestingly enough is not draining me, i only channel it (there is human love and divine love)

at first i also disbelieved it, but with particular opponent everything i used failed, so i thought, what the hell ?, and it worked :D

29th July 2005, 10:47 PM

I imagine it takes some time to work at the level you describe.
I don't really understand what you are doing. (I'll blame it on my
redneck sideof me). But i am slowly learning. This is still fascinating
stuff on how the beings work!


30th July 2005, 01:03 AM
nah, it's just my language :roll: it took me some time to adopts words that hold together, but they mean different things to everyone
when you have 100 names for one process, you know you're into spirituality :roll:
perhaps "hacking" would be suitable word

actually the basis for it is plain ol' psionic shielding, like here:
when you start making and programming your own shields/constructs you will distuinguish how different thoughts and programms "feel like", like you have absorbing shield and reflective shield, when you make them yourself you will notice difference in energy, structure etc, and with time learn to "decode" anything you feel into set of commands/thoughtforms/emotions

to learn to channel and direct bigger energies:

if you would have some specific subject you would like to work on PM me
(i am off to mountains, returning 8.08)

1st August 2005, 01:57 PM
Just watched the Entity over the week end, I guess the way
Barbara Hershey felt when her freind new she was being attacked
an entity. That is the best felling , when somebody believes you.
I geuss that is what i was trying to get at on this thread.


Dr. Rumfield
1st August 2005, 07:50 PM
I have done some of the things that Dae has mentioned with mysterious results. It involves using energy (that may or not be yours) and constructs. It led me to some conclusions...

I believe this looks like a weakness to the negs because my problems got much worse after this kind of work, especially since I was being "nicey nice" and did not defend myself at that time.

I believe the work you did does not actually do anything for them except let them connect to your energy and they absorb energy through dismantling your constructs. You cannot change them like that unless THEY want it and ask for it in some way. It is like taking a third grader and shoving information in them then putting them in 6th grade, if they didn't naturally gain the information... it cannot be absorbed on a permanent or helpful level.

Just my personal experience.

1st August 2005, 08:41 PM
If the gain information then why do they keep doing the same
thing over & over again? It' kind of a joke on them they first come
on strong and intelligant and take them out of there game. My
god the will prove what a stupid being they really are!

The only problem is getting them disconnected!


Dr. Rumfield
1st August 2005, 11:00 PM
Well, over my lifetime I have seen them grow in inteligence. They do things over and over again because they are testing the results. Yes it takes many more years than us to learn but it is much more imbedded in them than us, all of the negs seem to have access to the same level of understanding.... it takes a while but all of them seem to gain from it.

The thing that they have that we don't is the decisiveness or conviction. They do not give up very easily because their life depends on it and most of us will give in before they will.

The technique they use on me and what I have observed has progressed significantly, they are dangerous and need to be dealt with quickly and effeciently.... if you let a problem progress, they will take advantage of it and cause other problems to prolong their attachments (slow you down).

We are dealing with a number of problems with negs during this healing process, they are using a staff member to come through her and she is aware of her attachments. She does not take this seriously and the energy in the whole house is suffering. If it wasn't for her, then they would use some other weak point until they feel like they have regained all of the control they are currently loosing through the cleansing process.

This is not a game and the results are physical at times, the energy and what is going on is very easy to feel and regular people are feeling it. These negs are serious and they are not letting go easily which leads me to believe that they are running out of people to attach to or have multiplied themselves too much.

2nd August 2005, 02:01 PM
Dr. Rumfield

You make a good point! I often wonder why mine hangs on so,
because i'm making life very difficult for it. I've noticed that you
can't let up on anything once you start. Even if they can manipulate
it to where you don't think it's working. (That's the tricky part
because they are great at this!)


8th August 2005, 01:54 PM
Dr. Rumfield
great points

it turned out as permanent solution in my case, they cannot dismantle gold energy (the specific one i use) because it has higher spiritual authority
the same when i tried as a human to dismantle demonic attachement, only when i "became" my higher parts it would let go

before i started using this energy i encountered problems you described

8th August 2005, 06:38 PM
Would you please tell us more about the gold energy?

8th August 2005, 09:02 PM
http://www.astralpulse.com/forums/viewt ... ofessional (http://www.astralpulse.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=14643&highlight=attacked+professional)
he taught me that
kinda makes me a bit nostalgic too, when i look back at my posts, and my struggle

8th August 2005, 09:42 PM
O goodness 15 pages.

BTW I always read that golden energy is the strongest, I don't use any specific energy in any of my practices though, I am just not that good yet!