View Full Version : Black Magic being used against you ? try this

the nameless
19th August 2006, 06:15 AM
someone gave me this countermeasure, IT WORKS ! to be honest I didn't believe it would work but it IS super powerful, and if you read it you'll understand why, I'll paste exactly what he wrote :

1 Get some votive candles with St. Michael's picture on them. Just burn
them one at a time, but do this:
2 Get a picture of yourself, a small one,
and get two images of St. Michael, small ones like on prayer cards. Put
the photo of yourself in between the two images of St. Michael like a
3 Pray the prayer to St. Michael that is on the back of the
candle, and then light it. Keep it burning there with your images below it
at all times (set the candle on top of them).
4 When the first candle goes out, light another one and pray the prayer again before you light it.

Never let the flame go out. As soon as one candle is about to go out,
light the next one with the flame from the previous one. If you can't
find St. Michael candles, just plain red votive candles are okay. Here is
the prayer to St. Michael, in Spanish and English:

"San Miguel, defiéndenos en la lucha,
sé nuestro amparo contra la perversidad
y las acechanzas del demonio,
que Dios humille su soberbia.
Y tú, PrÃ♥ncipe de la milicia celeste,
arroja al infierno a Satanás
y demás espÃ♥ritus malignos que vagan por el mundo
para perdición de las almas. Amén."

Saint Michael defend us in the struggle,
be our protection against perversity
and the attacks of the demon,
may God humble his pridefulness,
and you Prince of the Heavenly Militia
fling Satan into hell
along with the other malign spirits who roam the earth
for the loss of souls. Amen

so here it is, mexican curanderos use this technique to stop magical attacks, so when I tried it , I honestly thought it would be a waste of time but I did it anyway, about a week later, things started to change for the better, I don't want to go into further details but I can tell you here that I had no idea that Archangel St. Michael was so powerful, hope this will help you if you're being attacked by black magicians, one note : it doesn't work right away but after one or two weeks you'll notice a change, from what I've read, with this technique you're working with St. Michael in the astral to call for his assistance, try reading Psalm 68 when you feel you're being attacked, or Psalm 145 three times a day, if you can read those in hebrew it's even better ...