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psionic empath
28th June 2017, 01:44 AM
I know many people do not agree with the act of basically creating a succubus/or incubus, for various reasons, such as it wouldn't be ethical to create a conscious being for the sole purpose of it being your sex slave. (my tulpa is very sexual, although i have sort of taken her on astral dates and such before and fed her strawberries with innocent intention. i don't think of her as a sex toy, i try to make her happy as well using my visualization and creative energies. The entity i created, which is in the form of a woman i know, has identified herself as Jocasta. I have had Jocasta around for a while now and things have been going great. I don't feel that she is sapping my energy in the way that an actual succubus would. she is constantly taking in some of my etheric energy of course, in order to stay in existence. (for the record, ive had physical relationships in the past and had sex)- i feel i have to point that out because some people think that people like me must have never touched another human being or something, but it is an amazing experience to have an astral lover. i sort of have her "inside" of the smokey quartz that i have, since quartz is said to be good at amplifying "thought energy" and intent. i like to make a crystal grid as well sometimes (in order to add more power), with the smokey quartz in the center and pointing up. i then put this crystal grid on a little table by my bed where i sleep, so that i am within its energy field as i gently fall asleep. i have used an amethyst pendulum to communicate with her as well.

i know that some of you may think what i am doing is 'wrong' or that i am part of the reason that "new agers" don't get taken seriously, or that because this mainly has to do with sex, that it is a 'low vibration' act and that i should spend my concentration and intent on something else. however, like i said before, its not JUST sex with her, i try to satisfy her emotional needs as well. the other day i went into a meditation and visualized that we were on a date in a fancy restaurant and we danced a little afterwards. it is key to focus on the act of touching and trying to feel the astral entity physically. i have also programmed her to assist me in having a lucid dream or OBE by shaking my shoulder-2267it has sort of worked. i have created multiple tulpas before (not for sexuality) and have never had a negative experience from them either.

28th June 2017, 05:08 PM
Frankly, I believe if you created it, it's not a succubus, it's a servitor. It won't hurt you if you programmed it properly.

28th June 2017, 09:27 PM
i have done that too, created an imaginary GF. she incarnated...

3rd June 2018, 07:51 PM
Frankly, I believe if you created it, it's not a succubus, it's a servitor. It won't hurt you if you programmed it properly.

servitors can survive a long time provided that there DNA was engineered that way , to get you sex or hook you up elsewhere , or like he said a succubus would provide sexual services.