View Full Version : Access to program from Iphone 6 plus

20th October 2017, 08:10 AM

I've just purhased the Astral Mastery Projection program. I'm not able to see this program on my phone....
Are you guys working on a smartphone compatible program? Now I can only watch it from my computer... iOs doesn't support adobe flash player...:-(

Who can help me out? Are there any possibilities?

Best wishes,


Robert Bruce
20th October 2017, 12:31 PM

First, did you contact our help desk?

As far as I know, our programs should work on a smart phone as well as computers.

Have you tried updating your phone's flash, drivers, etc?

if you PM (private message) me I'll give you my email address so we can talk more directly - or, email system admin (CF Traveler) and ask her to fwd it on to me.

peace, robert

Robert Bruce
21st October 2017, 01:57 AM
I just spoke to my tech person, the guy that put APM program together. It is designed to work with any cell phone, tablet, or computer. We've just tested it and everything works fine.

As you have said, the program works fine on your computer, so it is not the program that is causing the problem.

The issue here is your cell phone software and settings. We have worked through cell phone issues many times.

The solution is, you need to update your flash player, or to install the latest version of flash, or whatever player you are using.

Also, check your settings and data usage restrictions.

Also, try playing the program on another cell phone if you can.

peace, robert