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22nd October 2017, 09:12 PM
Hello World,

I had previously checked in, back then I had issues, so Im checking in again.

I was hearing voices, mental issues, thought they were entities, all sorted now, under medication...I know the following will be hard to believe me since I told you that, but such is life!

The primary reason I am here is to learn about astral projection.

However there are a few strange things with me:

1. My third eye is partly open, I see entities, mostly in hindu temples (Im hindu. since 2013 I am indian but was christian earlier). Ive even seen hindu gods with many arms. Ive seen Durga & Sarasvati, Ive even seen Krishna, They didnt scare me I just paused when I saw them, usually early in the morning around 5am or 8am for the hindu temples. In the hindu belief (remember I come from a christian background) thats literally seeing God. Then Ive seen ghosts too.

2. I threw away my copy of the Bhagavad Gita ( I had written in it which is a sign of disrespect) I heard a voice say 'I will always remember this day' weird because it was nothing like the voices I heard when I was going mental, it was serene and clear.Im not saying it was Krishna, however I have no doubt that he is real, I saw him! But I did hear something. I heard the same sorts of voices both male and female when I visited a Ganesha temple last year. Only a hand full of times in my life have I heard anything like that.

3. I believe a deity pulled me out of my body more than once early this year ( I remember the experience) I was just floating and I heard her laughing...like I was a little boy she was playing with.

In summary thats all...theres more to the stories, but you dont need to know any more than that

Anyways Im looking forward to sharing my out of body experiences with you


23rd October 2017, 12:50 AM
Spiritual visions are in heaven, voices are in hell... seeing and hearing. that's what i found out when i left the real world to take meds...
heaven and hell are the same mind except heaven has all the money and the demons in hell are literally slaves that way. so psychic visions and voices can be though of as the life beyond normal earth.
well, so i find it.

i'm just saying, i identify with your story it looks/sounds like you made it out of that poor place (earth). heaven is still under construction! everyone's using technology and crystals etc to clear some old stigmata especially homophobia and such judgement... aloha!

24th October 2017, 02:16 PM

I can kind of relate to what you are saying- Hinduism is a really philosophical and scientific religion

there are two main beliefs duality and non duality

duality believes that there are two distinct worlds- the spiritual world and the so-called real world which is really just a reflection of the spiritual world - where god and the spirits reside..also there are two souls within the spirit soul and the individual soul - This is the original hindu belief originating from tribal religions and the Vedas

non duality believes that everything is god. Heaven and hell are on earth and everything is brahmin or god.- This belief system originated after Buddhism was taking over indian belief and as a response to the Buddha (who hindus saw as an incarnation of vishnu) a new hindu belief system was created that had some buddhist beliefs embedded and so rose the idea of Non Duality.

both beliefs believe in 'one' that all gods are actually representations of the one god and that everything is ultimately one

If I take into account the second belief 'non duality' then yeah the voices I heard could have been in hell

when I was in need of meds I heard some far out stuff..,its not far fetched to think the energies which were embodying these voices came from hell.

I have a firm belief that all the magic of the world is infront of our eyes we are just blinded to it by god because we are not ready to see it yet

24th October 2017, 02:20 PM
Theres also a belief in hindusim of different yugas or cycles..right now we are in the most boring one called the kali yuga...but the beief is in earlier yugas tree's could talk magic was everywhere and spirits, heaven and hell were within arms reach...well more so than they are now...in a different yuga perhaps my voices would have had demonic bodies or perhaps I could have seen the energies which were embodying these voices

I used to think the voices were entities then modern scientific believe (of this yuga) lead me to beleive otherwise. Either way with regular meds I cant hear anything. However I do see things, all-be it very rarely and it has nothing to do with a condition, Ive seen things my whole life starting with when I was a baby. which is why Im here...I see with different eyes. This is a problem and a blessing. So I need as much spiritual education as I can get.

23rd July 2018, 03:07 AM
I too used to have schizophrenia, usuallly I would just hear things. I'm on meds. Now I have all kinds of hallucinations. I see things rarely too. So you think the different voices are entities? Is that somethin?! You think they used to see images for the voices?

23rd July 2018, 03:46 PM
If you have schizophrenia more than likely it's not entities. Entities appear all of a sudden after there has been some major trauma or change in the environment, schizophrenia is there already.

24th July 2018, 04:25 AM
Well, I don't know what else would be causing the voices.