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19th July 2005, 11:02 PM
Ok after relooking through Robert's book, I saw the term he used for it.

I recently had a few of these early in the morning where I could physically see out of my 3rd eye. I never knew I had one before. It all happened after I started with the relaxation techniques and OBE techniques. (still no obe's yet)

What I saw was the surface of Mars as clear as if I was there but through a small hole. (No peripheral vision etc) with my EYES CLOSED. The vision looked left and right and up and down and then proceeded to float upward, and look around. It was as if I had no control over what it was doing.

It faded away and then I concentrated hard on it coming back, and it faded back in, for a short time only to fade back away.

Is there ANY way to control this?? Or induce this? I have no idea why I'd see the surface of mars. It was just like pictures I had seen in the past but recently had not been looking at anything on Mars...

Any information you can give about this odd effect or how to induce it would be appreciated. Any links etc..


20th July 2005, 12:55 AM
Dear LoneCrow,

I will do my best here but my experiences have been a little different than yours but hopefully I will not stear you wrong.

One possiblity is that you orbed. This is when a small portion of your consciousness projects. This is in contrast to a full astral projection. I have orbed a few times but never had occluded vision. I seemed to have normal vision. During orbing it is possible to have a direct link between the orb and the conscious mind. It is almost like sending out a probe/orb - an extension of consciousness.

I have heard of people having occluded vision during astral projection so it make sense this can also happen during orbing. Another possiblity is you had a clairvoyant vision/remote view. Some remote viewers do have visions but not necessarily.

It is a real puzzle why tunnel vision or occluded vision occurs. Is it due to the third eye only being partially activated? An energy blockage in the third eye? Some people can make a command like, "See clearly now," and the vision clears. In these cases the above two possibilities seem unlikely. Not sure.

Orbing is easier to do than astral projection. All the exercises and practices done to induce astral projection help induce orbing. The nice thing though is that you do not feel exit sensations. If a person with astral sight is at the location you orb to (not likely on Mars <smile>) they will see your orb. That is pretty cool when this happens.

Hope I sort of helped,

20th July 2005, 04:12 PM
Thanks for the reply.

Yes actually I had none of the odd sensations I get while doing energy work in meditation. I had just woken up, got up for a second to turn off the alarm in my truck (yes I was sleeping in my big rig with the engine running) laid back down because I still had time to sleep. I told myself I wanted to rest my eyes and rest but NOT to fall asleep because I had to get up and get going soon.

As I closed my eyes poof there it was, clear as day. I was laying down, and the only thing I could think was "What the... " and it faded away and tried to get it back etc.

I've worked on trying to get this back, only managed once, and other times its been so close things slightly popping in and out, but never really being able to summon a full view.

Its so tiny too like looking almost through a toilet paper roll hole.

I am positive I have some blockages when I do my energy work. I am also on SSRI's (Zoloft) in a small dose right now. I went on it a long time ago because I had a bad reaction to blood pressure medication and had real bad ringing in the ears. The zoloft helped it. Now its years later and I still can't get off of it without massive side effects.

When I do energy work I cannot get any emotion or any type of reaction stimulating primary centers such as solar plexus and heart, throat etc. I seem to be able to move to my head and forehead no problem, and the BASE for some reason is where all my energy is pooled. I can feel my feet, My base, genitals and the spot between the genitals and belly button all really well. All the rest is really bad.

I have lower back problems, and wonder if that has anything to do with it. Is there a way to use accupuncture or something similar to clear blockages or do you need to just work more energy around that area?

Thanks again for all the info. It does make sense. Robert's book describes similarly what you said, like your copy is out there and you have a brief link with it etc. I don't know what it is, but it sure was cool!!!