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26th August 2006, 04:21 PM
The Schism
It’s a sad thing to say, but the psionic community is spilt. There are two types of psionics. The two types are the skeptical and spiritualists. Although I’m a spiritualist I was a skeptical once. So in respect of the skepticals I believe neither type is better for they both have two different beliefs about energy.

Most newbies start out as skepticals. This is not bad it’s actually natural. Being a skeptical means you view and practice psionics in a scientific way. You are trying to answer the question how. How do you make a psi ball? How does it work? How do you make a better, bigger, more complex psi balls. The best site I know that is pure skeptical (and proud of it) is Psipog.

Newbies who stick to the training will find there is a certain limit to what skeptical psionics can teach you. You can learn everything about empathy psi balls, telekinesis and all the others skills in anywhere from a year to five year depending on how hard you train. You are going to find yourself stuck and bored. Your creativity will run out and your kills will stop progressing so fast. Once you stop progressing you risk the chance of convincing yourself this isn’t real. I have seen it happen to many people. If you are willing to open your mind and let go of the scientific method you will find a whole huge endless field of spiritualism.

The whole reason why most newbies start out as skepticals is because they are looking for a solid, visual, reputable, trustworthy proof that psi and the skills exist. People, in the modern world are natural suspicious of things they can’t see. We have been taught through years of school and from society not to believe in psi and other energy. It does not help that many of the spiritualist out there are flakes, which gives a bad name to psychics. They either know they are faking it or they hate the reality they live in. they will do anything to convince themselves of anything to make reality seem better. You may have noticed it is the fake spiritualist that get all the publicity and money. It’s wrong and unfair. The public is getting a false feeling for the psionic community. It was because of this awful reputation that the skepticals become popular.

A true spiritualist is one that practices the same skills and methods as a skeptical, but looks for an answer as to why. Why do we have these powers? Why should we use them? Spiritualist don t just challenge reality like the skepticals, but challenge our beliefs and morals. Spiritualists dive into the muddy and danger waters of religion. Did god(s) give us these powers and why? Is it wrong or right to use them? Are there higher being? Is there life after death and if so can psi help us get there?

Skepticals spend there time and energy on energy manipulation skills. These include making psi balls, shielding, any type of kinesis, contructs, and programming. These people tend to have a very logical mind. They do well with math and sciences and tend to lack a great deal of imagination. Spiritualists tend to focus on the perceiving skills such as empathy, telepathy, precognition and especially astral projection (oobes). These skills are the less know, hard to do and can work in the most mysterious ways. The spiritualists have an emotional and artsy mind. They can be very creative, but without the best sense of reality.

It is my opinion if the psionics want public recognition and support the first step is to accept, respect and possible unity the two sides. Right now the two sides refuse to have anything to do with the other side and spend their time putting down other opposite. The skepticals say the spiritualists are a bunch of foolish fluff bunnies. The spiritualists say the skepticals are stupid inflexible thickheads. As long as we hold to these foul names and never look deeper, we will never get anywhere. We will never be able to fight the phony, destructive reputation that “psychic” businesses bring.

Once again, neither side is better. Each brings a different and important view into the hardly known subject of psi. I can not encourage you look more at each side and talk to the extremists as well as the neutrals and then decide which side do you wish to be on.

10th September 2006, 10:30 PM
sorry, but i think using the term "a true spiritualist is.." is not very spiritual.

10th September 2006, 10:46 PM
sorry, but i think using the term "a true spiritualist is.." is not very spiritual.

What I think is that you missed the point. We are working with ideas that are difficult to put into words, so it is important to try to find the meaning instead of just finding fault with the expression.