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27th August 2006, 05:01 PM
Hi All,

I'm learning about self attack lately and came across some interesting info regarding knowing the difference between psychic attack vs self attack, thought I would share.


28th August 2006, 12:29 AM
My favorite part:

From my experience, every occult operation must follow very specific laws which govern their existence. They follow the laws of physics on this material plane just like you and me. If you do certain things, then as sure as night follows day, certain effects must also follow.

1.) If you pray, and your prayers are effective, then the psychic attack must be affected.

2.) If you follow tried and tested methods of combating such intrusion (i.e. smudging), then the psychic attack must be affected.

3.) If you rid yourself and your immediate environment of the object or objects into which the psychic attack was programmed and from which it emanates (if any), the strength of the attack must be affected.

4.) If you have the occult ability to respond with force, and you do so effectively, the psychic attack must be affected. There is an exception here. In the occult world, it is often said that if you create and empower an intent correctly, and there is no greater force opposing you, you have every right to expect the outcome of your work exactly as you planned it. Note the "no greater force opposing you" part.

In other words, psychic attacks, like any other magickal operation, are not immune from the effects of the environment in which they operate. If you are under an actual psychic attack, and it does not respond to anything that you or anyone else "who should be able to create sufficient power to affect the attack" can do, you can rest 99.9% sure that you are not under psychic attack. Most likely you are either the victim of an attack that originated within yourself or you are the victim of what the occult world calls an attack by suggestion, which essentially means that someone most likely made you consciously aware that you were under attack and your mind and subconscious picked up on the suggestion and began manifesting the results that you would have expected under such circumstances.
I am sure that an attack by suggestion would be more effective the more sensitive or adept you are- the tables would be turned on you in a very effective way.