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21st July 2005, 09:09 AM
How long did it take before you were able to feel anything after your start with energy work?

I have tried many things; from tactile imaging, visualization, mudras, mantras, crystals, etc. and I have never felt anything. I cannot slip into any meditative state either. I can be so relaxed that I can't feel my body, but there is nerver a change in how I perceive reality.

It troubles me to hear people talking about their experiences when every experience I've had, or lack thereof, and all intellectual indicators tell me it's all baloney. Why? Because I don't think people are lying, but rather, something is wrong with me.

I am beginning to think I am "broken".

21st July 2005, 06:44 PM
Well, thats the trick isen't it? Finding the energetic feelings is what proved it to me If you are familiar with "NEW" I would suggest using NEW to feel inbetween your eyes, brow area, above the nose, you know 3rd eye an all that?

It was the very first place I ever felt energy and to this day I can at will feel that area most easily.

If your having trouble with meditation you could try rubbing that area with the palm of your hand or a finger and meditate on the feelings there.

Also in the very beginning it can be very hard to just sit and meditate :?
It takes percistance and practice.

Practice always pays off though. Try sticking to one thing instead of jumping around to try every mystical, pychic practice you can find. such as NEW.

Or just meditate without expecting a whole lot. Took me 2-1/2 years to be able to meditate to the point where I could not feel my body. and I don't get to that point t'ill im nearing the end of a good 30 min meditation.

22nd July 2005, 01:25 AM
Wow. What made you decide to keep trying something that didn't offer any benefit for years after you started. I here that alot, about how it takes years.

To me that's like someone giving you an oval shaped rock and saying if you sit on it it'll hatch. At what point does a person say, "This is bull"? :)

You must have gotten something out of those early trails to keep you coming back.

22nd July 2005, 02:18 AM
Dear Eald'narche,

It does help to have a teacher present who knows how to move energy proficiently. The teacher can actually put energy into your energy body and move this energy around to help you get a feel for it. This is why workshops are handy. Robert makes sure at his recent workshops that everyone feels the energy movement within their energy body the first day of the workshop.

It is very understandable to feel this is bull. Very! And actually it is very healthy not to fully accept anything until you have directly experienced it - repeatedly.

Have you ever had distance healing work done on you. Some people who get distance healing work start within a session or two to feel where and when the energy work is being done on them. This depends on the ability of the healer though and how contracted the energy body is, of the person being worked on. Long term distance healing work really helps with validation.

Very Best Regards,

22nd July 2005, 04:43 AM
I had many very wierd experiences throughout that kept me going. It was all occult stuff but wierd real results came from it. I mostly quit the occult side im much more into the energy now. more that anything else

24th July 2005, 09:17 PM
I am fairy new to NEW myself, Eald'narche, and am having the same problem as you are. I can project body awareness into my fingers very well- I have always been very skilled with my hands and as a symptom of my OCD I used to do this on a regular basis anyway (without really knowing what I was doing). I would move from one finger to the next in order from my small finger to my thumb, usually reciting some verse, one syllable for each finger.

I can't do anything close to this on my feet, as I'm told I'm supposed to start- so I've been focusing on my hands- I figure if I can achieve some result there it proves the whole system worthwhile, but I can't. I can't really feel anything- no energy, no presence, no tingling or tickling. I can just sense my fingers, thats all.

I've tried exercises "stirring" and "brushing" the chakras in my hands, I've tried using "awareness hands" to feel through them, etc. but I just dn't feel anything, anywhere, anyhow on any part of the body I have tried. I have meditated and have had luck in physical relaxation- lack of feeling is something I have no problem with, but I can not put feeling where there is no stimulus. I can not perceive an energy or an energy blockage.

Some have suggested trying these exercise when I first get up in the morning, or conversely before I go to bed. Some have suggested I do this after taking a bath or shower. A few even suggested fasting for a day-none of these "tricks" has done anything to alter my findings.

Maybe I'm looking for it too hard, but I've always been a firm believer in the energetic/spiritual nature of the human body, mind and soul. But the further I try and explore this side of me the less I find, and the less I can believe.

It's just plain frustrating.

24th July 2005, 11:49 PM
One thing that may help you is if you have a partner to help you a few times. There is a very simple method you can use for stimulating energy sensations. This works primarily well on your back. Either remove or pull your shirt up while laying on your stomach and have the partent lightly move their fingernail along your back at a steady rate. This light touch usually causes very noticible sensations. After your back, your arms and legs also work well for stimulation. I hope this helps you! Good luck

Best wishes,

25th July 2005, 12:19 AM
Most my friends thought I was full of it untill I started pushing energy into their bodies.

Then their expressions were like :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :!:

And if you ask around someone who is skilled at energy manipulation may spend some time with you to help you get a feel for things.

4th August 2005, 03:45 PM
Feeling stuff is easy, I think it's getting really intense or distinctive or lasting feelings that is difficult, which I still haven't been able to do. Even if that, in the end it's the results you look for. Sadly they sound subtle and hard to attribute... I guess an unexplained increase in health might do it...

4th August 2005, 06:07 PM
I have two suggestions that might help, one of which you may already have tried. That one is to rub your hands together, firmly and very fast, for about 15 to 30 seconds (or until your shoulder muscles make you quit)! :wink: Then stop, hold them palms up, in front of you and concentrate on the feeling. You will feel a definite tingle and maybe a kind of buzzing sensation. That's just a pure physical reaction, but it is nearly identical to what energy sensations feel like. Robert has mentioned this trick in at least one of his books.

Another is to feel your pulse beat in your body -- not by taking your pulse with your hand, but just by being still and paying attention. You can do this any time, standing, sitting, moving, whatever. I generally feel it first in (obviously) the chest area, then I can feel it in my neck and face, hands, and finally in fingers and toes. Again, this is a purely physical "real" (so is energy movement) sensation. If you can't feel it, you may want to call an ambulance! :lol: This one might give you practice in paying attention to subtle feelings in your body.

I'm still in the learning phase myself, so any feedback on how these tricks work for you is appreciated.

5th August 2005, 04:07 AM
When I first tried working with chakras, I would wonder if I had imagined a sensation. "Is that it? Is that what I should feel?" It was alway so small of a sensation that I was tempted to pass it off as imagination. But I kept trying and after a few months, the sensations grew stronger and I was able to feel what all the books talked about. So don't discount even the tiniest feeling you get.

The easiest way for me to feel something was to poke it. Seriously, it worked. The physical feeling just after being poked in whatever chakra you're trying to stimulate is very similar to the sensation of an active chakra (for me, anyway). Try it if you like and let me know if it helps you. At first you'll be like, "Well, that's not real - it's just a physical feeling, not an energetic one." But keep your focus on it and after awhile you'll discover that it keeps going long after the physical feeling should have worn off. It's similar to the reason why in NEW, you're supposed to trace the energy pathway on your skin.

5th August 2005, 09:11 PM
What sparked my search initially was when a friend projected energy into my body, unexpectedly. I felt a strange tingling sensation and it was definitely something that I could not explain to myeself, so I decided to try and find out what exactly happened.

Thats how I got my friends hooked :P I said " this might cause some strange sensations" or something similair and went at it. Now their all wide eyed believers, whatever that means lol :shock:

6th August 2005, 03:23 AM
I find that if I barely touch the surface if my skin, in the way that is so slight it feels more like a tickle, and slowly move my fingers away from my skin and then back again without really touching my skin; I can start an energy sensation after my finger is pulled away. Especially after doing certain mantra/meditations on a chakra.

I did a third eye meditation and and used this technique to help with meditation afterward. I don;t even have to use my physical hands to start the stimulation. I can just imagine a second pair of arms brushing my 3rd eye and I actually feel the light touch sensation.

This mantra/mudra may help: http://www.666blacksun.com/Opening_the_ThirdEye.html

8th August 2005, 03:59 PM
I never got mantras to work, but those who use them succsefully always talk about how helpful they were :?

12th August 2005, 09:32 PM
Personally, energy work has never been too much of a problem for me.
I picked up a book on chi kung one day, started the exercises, and was instantly struck with overwhelming energy sensations.

It was about as obvious as being hit on the head with a brick.

Now, moving this energy with will? That's another thing alltogether.