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15th August 2005, 07:58 PM
Hello All,

I have a request that is rather urgent. The information that follows is long and disheartening but please listen, because it would be so incredible if with the power of love and healing, we could turn this all around!

First, here is a short preface: My mother has always had issues with delusions. When she needs a "free ride" in life, she magically develops a severe illness so that she can be placed in the hospital and get attention (sounds like reverse-healing!). Whenever her feels threatened or disempowered in some way, she fabricates stories to manipulate other people and get her way. For example, when I was visiting her two years ago (my parents seperated when I was 7) and I was asking to go back to my father because things were becoming so bad down there, she started to tell me that my father was a horrible parent and that he used to mutilate animals etc etc (none of it even close to the truth, he is one of the most holy people I know). To an outsider, these are outlandish notions but when it's your parent telling you they're true, it's hard not to feel emotionally attacked!

Anyhow, this isn't about me. I actually am glad that I have her in my life because if I didn't see that it was possible to become someone like this, I wouldn't be so self-reliant, self-honest, and self-loving today. I probably never would have come across NEW or Quantum Touch. The real problem is that lately, things have been worsening. My mother usually only had her outbursts when she saw me, or someone from my side of the family (it triggers something psychologically). Now they're happening spontaneously, and she's developing many many health problems, like short term memory loss, severe bipolar, etc.

This culminated Sunday the 14th when I received a call from her sister, Caroline. Now she's developing new symptoms almost daily, like heart attacks and so on. She's visited the hospital twice in the last few months. I am convinced that it is her outlook on life that makes her so sick! She keeps promising to pick herself up (and has been for years, she is now 49 and still has never had a stable job or home), it gets worse and worse. Caroline said that she (my mom) is on the verge of turning herself into a muttering derelict on the street.

I sort of felt that it would come to this, so that's why I took the Supercharging course. I wanted to be able to help my mom. Next Sunday, I will be visiting her for a week. Now that the situation is worse I would like to know if I could please have your assistence by distant healing her! I think that if all of us, including myself, work on this, that the situation can be turned around. Perhaps I will even be able to teach her self-healing down there, because you know what they say about feeding a man a fish, and then teaching him to fish for himself.

Her name is Deborah Burney and she lives in Florida. I don't know where currently. I am positive that all you need is the intent to send it to her and it will go there.
Here is a picture: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/ ... CT0371.jpg (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v128/Hegemony/PICT0371.jpg)
My brother is also in the picture on the right. If you have time, send him your wishes and blessings as well, since he's had to live through all of this up front (he's with her in FL, I'm with my father in NJ).

I am convinced that we will make an astounding difference! This would also be an excellent addition to the NEW testimonials, since it has to do with psychological and emotional healing.

Thanks for all your help! A million times!

Love, Laughter & Enlightenment

15th August 2005, 08:59 PM
will do some healing today sometime. I don't use NEW however so you will have to ignore my testimonial.

16th August 2005, 03:15 AM
Any method is fine :)

It will be a testament to healing!

And thank you so much! I am inspired by your dedication. By the way, if you note anything strange internally, like an entity problem, let me know. I'm not at a level where I can detect that sort of thing yet.

I reference testamonials because this was originally posted to the Quantum Touch website (this is also why it sounds like I'm addressing this to a large group).

16th August 2005, 06:30 PM
I am going to send Reiki and use a quantum touch long distance method for her. I wish you best luck and to continue hopeing.

Love and light,