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17th August 2005, 03:15 PM
I had a wierd astral experience yesterday. Not so sure I was attacked, but I'm not really sure what was happening.

I was lying in bed when I began to feel the vibrations. I wasn't trying to astral project at all, but I did think about it awhile before I feel asleep. Anyway, after awhile the room, the way I see it, begins to change. I see everything with their auras for awhile.

But then these two orbs of white light with a hint of yellow are hovering over me. The lighting effect they projected was like that of a radiation of light in the center with a ring of light around that central point. Gave them a kind of bulls eye quality. Then I notice than coming from the center of these circles, the bulls eye, there were these whirlwinds of light extended down to my chest(orb 1) and stomach area(orb 2). I looked at them and began to think they are aliens for some reason because at one point as the image faded it looked like there as a seperate light on the ceiling and the two orbs where "looking down" at me. Kinda like how people depict abduction events where the greys are hunched over looking at them while they are on the table. Other than that there was nothing extraterrestrial about it. They had no body or eyes or anything. Just similarity by association.

Anyway, I rolled over without actually wanting to or trying to. Thid is how I've seperated from the physical before. Then I pushed off because now I'm thinking I'm out of body. I don't float up though. I just appeared back on my back as if I'd woke up. When I thought about getting up the vibrations started again so I think, "Wow, again?". I vibrate for awhile and then I try to get up. It's a struggle. My waist to my feet can move and my shoulders up to my head can move, but not the waist to chest area: the same area those whirlwinds were touching down on. I'd struggle to get up and then I'd finally kick my legs over the side of the bed and sit up. As I'd stand up it would repeat again. I'd "wake up" and think about getting up and the vibration would start again. At one point when I was lying on my back -again- my arms were transparent heat waves like what you see over a grill when barbequing. As if I was seeing the body heat, but not the body. There was this wierd red shperical pulsating energy in my right pinky finger. I keep trying to get rid of it, but it would just grow back, so I turned it into blue energy. I just knew that blue was good while red was bad. At another time I started making a translucent airy dragon subconsciously. I know this because I was researching mayan civilization and the dragon was represented in an artistic styles similar to to mayan totems and such. This dragon became more humanoid and walked over toward me. I smacked it across the face to see if I could feel it and "awoke" again on my back. At some point I drifted from a conscious projection to a dream state because my mother came into my room and told me she was going to cook some chicken fried rice then walked back out. I moved out nearly five years ago and I don't even live in the U.S. at the moment so I know she didn't actually come over.

Anyway, this struggle to get out of bed, "awaken" back on my back, and projection vibration restart scenario keep happening til I finally "woke up" and realize I've fallen into a dream, got bored, and actually awakened for real by sheer will.

I've had entities try and kick me out of the astral before but never have i had any try and keep me in. There was no pain, fear, discomfort, or anything that I could positively say was negative envolved, but I assume that those orb things had something to do with me not waking up. I'm not sure, but the whirlwinds appeared to be spiraling downward towards me rather then up wards into the orbs.

17th August 2005, 07:23 PM
That's pretty freaking weird.

I'd take a salt bath if I were you, just in case. And, uh, check on your heart and solar plexus chakras...