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7th December 2006, 07:17 AM
I have fiddled with psychokinesis and so far haven't gotten results, but thats not what im going to ask advice about.

What I want to ask is, can I begin psychokinesis using objects such as pens, pencils, and other objects around the same size (if I simply devote more time to it?).

Another question,

Can I get something to move with PK by simply staring at it lightly for about a minute, or picturing it in another spot or moving? Will that work? I have a great longing to develop the skill of PK, but I don't know how to start, and I'd rather not start on spoon bending or psi wheels, they aren't all that interesting. I'm not saying I want to start as a master, I don't care if it is any other small object im moving, I just simply want to test other small objects.

When you practice psychokinesis, does your power grow? Can someone start out with small objects, and in many years be moving big 100 pound objects? Can you move object with eyes open, and mind well aware after a while?

I Am Not referring to anything that I want/would try to do in this next question.

Is psychokinesis only for good? Or can its powers be used for bad, such as hurting people/things. If someone does that, will they lose/gain power? Or once you learn psychokinesis, do you feel more "attuned" in a good or bad way to the world around you?

Is the power with TK limitless? I'm not suggesting myself, but could somebody in theory throw airliners around? Or stop an avalanche?

In this jumbled mess I've said, I want to ask something again:

Can I start by using slightly larger objects, pencils, forks, toothbrushes, and other small household items if I simply try longer? And is PK safe? As in I won't be dealing with evil spirits or demonic powers?

7th December 2006, 07:41 AM
i don't know much about it, but what's wrong wit ha psi wheel? i think it's the best object to start practicing upon. it's small and sensative. I don't you'll be able to move large objects like forks as a beginner.

check this link out, it's got some useful techniques.

P.S. you might also wanna try pyrokinesis, which is not that known in the psi area but i think it's more fun =)
look it up on the net and see if you like it.

11th December 2006, 01:40 AM
My 9 year old son and I play a game with his mobile. We look at it and direct it to spin one way or the other while we're lying on his bed. It's about a metre and a half away from where we're lying. Occasionally one of us blows our breath towards it to be naughty and upset the experiment. It's clear though that it's not our breath that influences its movements at other times.

We also compete, willing it to turn in different directions. As willful as my son is, I'm clearly more so or maybe it responds more to my will because I made (out of balsar wood, paint and fishing line.)

22nd December 2006, 12:51 AM
Greetings Wlech,

Great to hear you're exploring this. It's an area that has facinated me for some time, and in truth, I believe it's a doorway to astral projection.

I started experimenting with PK when I was a kid but didn't have any real success with it until two years ago and my life began to change. I hope this little bit of info I have to share is helpful for you.

1. Meditatate on a regular basis. Learn about the chakras. You'll see great results if you attempt PK exercises soon after meditation.

2. Some people use candle flames as tools, but I recommend making a pendulum: use tooth floss and a tiny metallic paper clip. This is very lightweight and is symmetrically balanced which will make it very sensative to your thoughts and your energy.

Suspend the pendulum from something like a lamp on your desk with tape or silly putty. Don't let it make physical contact with the desk. Just let it hang there in open space to avoid friction and resistance with nother objects. The less friction, the better. That's why the pendulum is such a wonderful tool for developing this skill. It's very sensitive.

The pendulum only needs to be about six inches long. Make sure you're hands are not touching the table and make sure there are no fans or airconditioners going off around you. The room should be very still and quiet.

3. When you're ready to begin, just focus your gaze upon the paper clip pendulum; perhaps a specific part of it and visualize or imagine the paper clip moving, turning, wiggling. Focus and intention is the key. It's like wishing for something to happen. Imagine connecting with the object on a quantumm level. You should see results within a few minutes, maybe even seconds. Practice helps, so dont get discouraged if you have trouble at first.

There are two reasons I feel this is an important skill to develop:

1. It shows you how powerful your thoughts are. They can effect physical matter and the world around you. This is manifesting, pure and simple.
2. The concentration skills really come in handy if you're interested in exploring OBE or healing. They help you project consciousness in a controlled, focused way. Within a few days of PK success, I almost buzzed right out of my body and it kinda scared me. I was concentrating that hard. A year later, I accidentally experienced myself in the Real Time Zone and THAT was something I'll save for another time. Wow, what and experience.

There's nothing dangerous about it. Just take breaks periodically.

I've heard there are monks in Tibet who can levitate a block of wood and make it float across the room. I'm told this is achieved through sonic vibration or mantra (not just their thoughts). Perhaps one day I'll get to go see this.



16th January 2007, 10:58 PM

The capabilities of a mind :-D

About moving objects (specially when projecting the focus on the quantum level of the object) and later achieving OBE seems to be quite interesting and logical too. Meditation allows the mind to quite down and thus the perception becomes more clear, e.i. enhanced. It is like settling down the useless buzzing thoughts interference that are generated during a busy day allowing only the neessary ones to be focuse on the object ot be moved (paper clip or astral body). this would be useful for my own experimentation for mind reading too.

17th January 2007, 08:11 PM
You can practice on whatever you want, but I recomment a psiwheel. Also, just staring at it wont do anything(in my experience). You just need the intent t move it, and the expectation that it will move, IMO.