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13th December 2006, 03:03 PM
My attack first started as one voice. This voice had a name as Carrie. Soon followed 6 more. In came Tracy, Carrie's sister. She was a hyper voice! Her boyfreind Derek. He wasn't in the pict. very much! Another guy with no name, he just ridiculed in the back ground. Then there was crystal a very secure character, usually not very nice. But i liked her. Then there was another female voice named Kari. The kind voice i always looked for. And last we had Voice Box.

I've talked before when my neg was in it's hay day it was screaming it's the "ONE", also Haji So i assumed it was it's real name. But thinking back Voice Box was the leader of this group and sorta made out to be a god! So i'm thinking Voice box is probably my negs real name :shock: Strange i know.

What i was wondering if others would share there characters. Whether neg or freindly being!