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13th December 2006, 11:18 PM
Just finished reading about a solar storm heading our way tonight. I got to thinking how this would affect our projections.

Spiritual science would suggest that the sun is a physical manifestation of a greater spiritual body. the sun is the manifestation of a certain group of angelic beings that work down upon humanity from a higher spiritual plane. And I think that the spirit of our age, Archangel Michael may also reside there.

With this in mind, an abnormally large and unexpected solar storm, would perhaps have spiritual implications. The radiation from the flares (heat, which is a physical manifestation of the same spiritual substance as that which gives us our higher ego,) will have some kind of effect, definitely upon the physical world, in the form of damaging communications and radio signals etc. On a spiritual level, I wonder.

Anybody who has any opinions, or abnormal experiences should report back here, and then we can see if there is any correlation.

Thanks, Joe.

15th December 2006, 09:05 AM
I don't think the main problem from a solar flare or storm is the heat or light so much as the charged particles that follow the wave front. These are mostly taken care of by the magnetic field around the Earth which funnels them towards the poles.

As for the spiritual plane, I knows from nothing about that... suns are manifesting angels?

15th December 2006, 12:34 PM
I wonder what part the earths magnetosphere plays in a spiritual sense?

If everything physical is a reflection of a greater spiritual truth, this could be quite interesting.

The magnetosphere, in its physical capacity, PROTECTS the earth from these harmful particles. Although the origin of these particles is the sun. Perhaps the magnetosphere works as a filter, as we could not handle the full spirituality of the suns rays. This is just speculation you understand.

15th December 2006, 10:08 PM
Our bodies/senses act the same way. The best description of all our physical senses is that they are filters of the universe - they limit what we receive rather than enabling us. Speculation has been that we need this or we'd be unable to perceive at all, but what if...?

What if better senses would let us partake of the higher realms? What if consciousness, in its unfettered state, is capable of perceiving much more than the physical senses allow us? That would imply our bodies are the 'prisons' or 'chains' we wear to keep us on this limited playing field.

15th December 2006, 11:08 PM
Hi Joe, this is an interesting thread. :)

I've heard similar ideas about the sun as well as other planets in our solar system. I have even heard that the planet Mars is a kind of physical aspect of the AA Michael.

Not sure what affects it will have, but, I think it's entirely possible that this energy burst will definitely affect us somehow. Wish I had more to contribute...

Back in 1999, during the last Solar Maximum (when the sun flopped polls - happens every 11 years), I can report that the spiritual environment was heavy with activity.

16th December 2006, 01:18 AM
The idea goes like this...

In our planets first incarnation, it was a system consisting only of heat in varying degrees, (fire or warmth, the first of the 4 earthly elements.) This can be called Saturn. (not yet to be confused with our current saturn.

Our second planetery incarnation added a second physical element, the air. This air was only the physical manifestation of another element added to our human make up, the etheric or life body. So at the same time as the planet was gaining these substances, mineral, and air, we gained our physical body, and our etheric body. This can be called the sun existence.

On our third incarnation, humans gained the astral/emotional body. and thre physical relflection of this was, thats it you guessed it, water. So now, the physical earth had its first real density. Certain spiritual beings who worked upon humans could no longer tolerate the denseness of the watery element, and split off from this body, forming a seperate body, the new sun, consisting of only air and warmth. This gave them a better point from which to work down.

Our fourth incarnation, the current earth, has now incorperated the higher ego into our constitution, giving us the ability to think for ourselves, and no longer just reflect the activities of the spiritual hierarchies. The physical element that came with this was, yep, thats it, the mineral/earth element. Further condensing us, and fettering us to this mineral existence. So much so that it is necesary for a reincarnation process in us, whereby we have to occasionally cast off our ungainly physical bodies and spend some quality time with the spirits of the cosmos.

This is a very very very short glimpse of the evolution of our cosmic system and if you are interested, you should take it further. I only wrote it down to highlight some aspects of our sun. Should you consider now, that this sun is a physical manifestation of spiritual beings working down to help us, then you can make that further jump and assume that such phenomena as solar storms and ejecting plasma, warmth etc could be viewed with more interest in future.