View Full Version : Manifesting a pillar of energy .

Aunt Clair
2nd January 2007, 10:37 AM
Manifesting a Pillar of Light

* This works best in a circle of 4 peers . Two men and two women is ideal. Sit at cardinal directions . Ideally place an air person across from earth and water across from fire .

* To determine which element a person is mostly attuned to consult Initiation into Hermetics

* Open in Protection

* Power up with energy

* Using the third eye , the will and the energy in your hands ,tug upon the energy at the ceiling about 1 meter in front of you

*visualise a vortex slowly moving from ceiling to the floor as you do , widen it, pull it open wider and further down to the floor

*Form a diamond of energy from your third eye to your heart ,
use your palms to form the sides , pass energy out of each centre
third eye ,mouth , right palm , left palm , heart , possibly navel
( do not be concerned if flow from the navel does not occur )

* Exhale with each breath from the mouth and blow this prana also into the centre .Continue with each breath to pull energy from the crown to the heart push the energy out the palms , the heart , the mouth and the third eye

*Move the left hand to the right side slowly and then repeat
Move the right hand from the centre to the right side in timing and repeat do this in rhythm with your breath so that each time that your left hand comes to the centre you breathe out into the pillar forming it more then return the left hand to your far left as the left hand comes to the centre again bring the right hand already there to your right side

*This looks like windshield wipers from \ \ to \ | to | / to / /

* Now close your eyes you should see clairvoyantly the pillarforming
It should spin slowly in a spiral one metre wide flowing from the ceiling to the floor .You should feel warm energy on your fingertips and palms and your eyes may begin to feel dry too .

A pillar is useful for manifestation , evocation , healing and projection . It is also a helpful exercise to build up the energy body and learn to see and feel energy .