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24th August 2005, 12:18 AM
I had originally posted in the forum because I wasn't sure I was doing the techniques properly, I recieved some good advice. So, I have working the past few days on the advice I recieved, trying to imagine a particular sensation in the joint of my thumb.
I had trouble with brushing, or circular senstations.
So, I began to imagine a pulsing sensation, kind of like feeling my heartbeat in my thumb and my fingers. And, I think It became quite noticable, and then thumb and the surrounding area seemed to fill with a sensation, a slight buzzing sensation? almost like my circulation had been cut off in that area, or that I had been sitting on my hand too long.
Well, I then focused on my other hand, trying to make it pulse in the same way, and I recreated the feeling. Eventually this buzzing, lack of circulation feeling, had filled my hands and even extended to my forearms. At times, it also seemed that this feeling was beyond my physical body a bit, slightly disconnected feeling maybe, not sure.
when i moved my hand to itch my head, this feeling seemed to dissapear, but could come back easily.

Ok, does this sound like the activation of my chakras? I thought maybe I was just noticing senstations that were already there, because I was focusing on the area. Or, just noticing my energy body or something, without actually activating it.
I was wondering if this Pulsing technique might be effective, as I seem to be able to produce the pulse sensation more easily that brushing, or spinning etc.

Thanks for reading this long post. and thankyou for any replies.


24th August 2005, 01:05 AM
The buzzing sensation is exactly what tends to indicate awakening of the energy body. Your using a pulsing method sounds like an excellent demonstration of creative improvisation! Use what works for you - the results will be the same. You will find that once the process has begun you can start using the other techniques again, and they will work better than before. Keep going!