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10th January 2007, 11:55 PM

I just decided i would try to develope auric sight, so i read the tutorial "Auras" by Robert Bruce. When finished i thought i might as well give it a go right away, not really expecting to see anything. So i placed a red book(Mastering astral projection, to be precise.) on the white wall in my room and leaned back. About 20 seconds later i thought i could see this greenish light by the side of the book. i stopped and thought to myself that surely it must have been my imagenation. i went into astraldynamics again to check what auric colour it would be expected to see from a red covered book(had forgotten), it was green. i tried again to be sure, and after not more than 20 seconds i saw it again but even stronger, it was clearly a green light coming from the side, and now the top and bottom of the book.

i think i saw the aura, but this was the first time i tried so i would like to confirm it, as i did not expect it to be this easy! So opinions would be appreciated :)

11th January 2007, 01:18 AM
Frankly, it sounds to me like an afterimage. If you see the aura when the object shifts a little and it's the exact opposite of the color, to me that is the afterimage and not the aura. Just my opinion.
Just to make sure, put the object in front of a white wall, stare at it for a bit. When you are seeing the 'aura', quickly move the object off the field (the wall) and stare at the wall. If you are still seeing the 'negative' of the image, in the same color as the 'aura', it was the afterimage. If it's a different color, or the aura moves with the book but the afterimage stays on the wall, then it may be the aura.

11th January 2007, 08:58 AM
Right you were! hehe.. it was only the after image, guess i will have to make alittle more effort than that :roll: Thanks for the reply though!

12th January 2007, 07:35 PM
Auric sight will appear very differently when mastered. It will often be moving, and sometimes capricious with color change.

To differentiate between auric sight and afterimage, try moving the book once you see the green light, while not following it with your eyes. I believe that it should stay in place. If it moves, make sure that you are not following the book with your eyes -at all.- If it still moves with the book, congratulations.

I think that the goal of the astraldynamics guide to auric sight is an attempt to wire the afterimage interpretation in the brain with the third eye of the subtle bodies, so it would still be progress to see afterimages or opposing lights around objects, at first, even if they were not auras.

The actual aura can sometimes (usually) come in stages. For instance, you may not be able to see anything but red, yellow, and orange, in which case someone with a violet aura would yield no color. I've found that it still produces a visual distortion, like a clear, glass aura. This is probably why people in the decades past interpreted the more advancd auric states as "crystal."

12th January 2007, 07:41 PM
it would still be progress to see afterimages or opposing lights around objects, at first, even if they were not auras. Thanks for mentioning this, Sachiel. It was amongst the things I never got around to pointing out.