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Rain, iF
3rd February 2007, 12:48 AM
The idea of common presence of bad energy is a very new concept to me. And since I have started meditating, my accidental-psychic abilities (as i call them) have increased dramaticly. Recently I have actually had experiences that weren't on accident, for example, I could predict the color the next car would be that passed me on purpous, and feel totaly not suprised when I was right. Anyway...

Over the past 3 days, and more intensely in the past 2, I have been getting bad feelings being in my basement, where I live at my dad's house. I have never like being alone at home, but for some reason over the past few days being alone at home has been a terrifying experience. I am paralized with fear and I don't know why, and it's quite embarrassing. I just feel like something is with me, trying to get me. I lay in bed and try to force myself to be calm by talking to peple online, but I get very uneasy to say the least. I'm too afraid even to go to the bathroom. I dont constantly feel like that, it just comes over me randomly, and only over the past 2 or 3 days.

It also comes off as weird that on 2 occasions also in this time period i have nearly hallucinated insects (which i loathe and despise) around me. I was eating a bannana the other day and for a milisecond I could swear to god that i saw a very large insect appear on the portion i was about to eat. I threw it half way accross the room very startled. I went to throw it away immediately. No bug. Anywehere. Then again, just a few minutes ago, but it lasted for about a minute this time. I swear I saw a large black insect, again. Perhaps a cricket, on the floor. I snuck past it and grabbed the spray and sprayed it. I turned to set the spray down and turned back to see that it hadn't moved at all. Insects usually squirm when you spray them. I reluctantly looked closer. A piece of carpet fuzz? Wtf is wrong with me.

I started wondering...is there something else at foot here? Why do I feel repelled and uneasy in my basement when I'm alone now? Particularly at night. I figured it could be partial to the fact that I have an occasional complete all out fear of being alone in the dark. It's random though. Sometimes I'm nervous in the dark. Sometimes I'm not at all. Sometimes I'm so terrified that I dont know what to do. So is this something psychic that I'm experiencing, or did I create this?

3rd February 2007, 01:07 AM
It could be both or neither. I do have days where things just seem wrong, but sometimes when you open your awareness you start to perceive things that you didn't before, and project fears you already have (like fear of the dark.)on them. I'd normally tell you to assume this and do countermeasures anyway, although I do think something's been up for a couple of days now. Hopefully it's over and things can go back to 'normal'. Meanwhile, take a look at the Psychic Self Defense section of the website, and also the section of the forum dedicated to this:

I like to combine a salt bath (or shower) with some incense burning-smudging to feel secure, and play some classical music or something upbeat. If you have a religious persuasion Holy Water is great. I sprinkle it over the beds.

5th February 2007, 05:36 PM

Can I ask you a question? Have you recently begun taking a new medication? or switched medications recently?

4th April 2007, 10:43 AM
Rain If,

You're sensitive and prone to psychic experiences. I bet you're highly impressionable too. You're young and recently you've been exposed to a lot of new information that's opened up your world and what you consider possible. All these things together are having their impact.

So, do the psychic self defense stuff. If what you're experiencing is real, it will protect you. If these are projections of your mind, the self defense measures should make you feel secure so you stop doing that. Fear may well attract the very things you're focused on. Remember the rules of manifesting.

Read about the journeys of a few psychics and you'll soon realise that scary things happen to them and working through their fearful experiences is part of their challenge.


Wrong Eye
6th April 2007, 01:36 AM
This is only my opinion, and not necessarily the truth, but here I go:

My guess is you're sensing something 'off' and your mind is reacting heavily, and it may not even be psychic-related.

Scientists say fear is a protective mechanism; I'd say listen to it and try to get at the root of the problem.

I don't even know if this'll help, but what ghost hunters do a lot is check the temperature and electrical stuff in areas of the house. It seems to be a good way of testing for entities. Or even if not, electrical fields and magnetic fields can play havoc with psychic abilities it seems.

I'll agree with the other posters and say psychic defense is a good idea. Get up a good strong shield and try to avoid situations that make you feel uncomfortable.

Peace Rain If,


6th April 2007, 12:46 PM
What your experiencing reminds me of my brush in I had with a negative entity some time back in my old house. (Though I don't want to rush into things and say it is, im a newbie at things like this) Basically I began to have this unease in my room, as if something wasn't just right but I just shrugged it off and ignored it...well tried at least. Then one night it woke me up from sleep and scared the living hell out of me. I threw a pillow at it this amorphous shaped bending of light and screamed for it to leave...it eventually did. It did this 3 other times over a period of a few months. I eventually tried a few things...cleaned up my room, and prayed over it. It seemed to work, but one day when I thought I felt it's spirit again I shouted out..."In Jesus' name, begone and never come here again." Never seen it again till I moved to this new apartment...lol. But I did what I did to get it to leave the first time and its not been a problem since. I suggest taking back your room, make it clean and feel comfortable...then if your into it use prayer to cleanse the room and if you believe in him, Jesus is a powerful friend who can help you if you want. Shielding, mega salt baths ect...like what the others said the psych defense forum should help a lot! I do the shielding thing myself!