View Full Version : Cooincidences

2nd September 2005, 05:12 AM
Sometimes lately I've noticed that I have a hightened sense of timing with things that I couldn't be aware of. For instance, at work about a month ago, I called tech support for help with something on a different floor. These people take anywhere from 10 minutes to all day to show up to help (big company), but when I went down there a random amount of time later, the guy had just shown up. A few days later, I called my friend over so we could go to Frys (computer store, if u havent heard of it), and he was coming to pick me up. I didnt know exactly when he was going to get here, but as I was going downstairs to put on my shoes, he rang the doorbell. For the next one, I need to explain that I am incredibly near sighted, and when I don't have my glasses on I can't see much beyond my hands. One night, I was about to go to bed, I had taken my glasses off and even turned the light off (so basically I couldnt see anything), and I went to my dresser to change my alarm time (which I can do by feel), but as I reached for it I knocked a shot glass off my dresser. w/o being able to see at all, I managed to catch it about 3/4 of a foot down from the top. no recent huge coincidences or hightened luck, but do you think this has anything to do with some energy-related talent I've unlocked, or was i just having a lucky month?