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2nd September 2005, 10:26 PM
first I would like to say, hello,,
and ask a question
today, was the first time I have done any controled energy work,, I have my own, power,, but its raw, with no control..(well not much)
so a friend of mine, taught me some of your stuff today, I eventually wrapped my whole body,, with some amazing things happening to me.. but.. afterwards,, felt light headed, had trouble driving, dizzy, and totally out with the faries... :? ,,, so I had to pull myself back to my body, which I managed eventually, and ate, but,, then I crashed,, totally tired, drained, and weak,, is this normal?
(would have asked my friend,, but cant get hold of him)

3rd September 2005, 01:29 AM
Clearing energy pathways in your body inevitably increases the energy flow needed to fill those new, unblocked pathways before your body realizes it needs to create that energy which causes even more of a drain. Expect this, coupled with lack of will, depression, and mildly increased emotionality or susceptibility to disease, and then expect the opposite, elation, joy, you name it, perfection.

So no worries. And if you're doing NEW I would suggest you do it in order, just in case.

Also, you mentioned "pulling yourself back to your body..." You shouldn't need to do that. The action of wrapping is finished as soon as you finish actively doing it. It's a hit-and-run tactic, not a day-long mantra of activity. So hang loose on that too.


3rd September 2005, 04:32 AM
Yes, but however I can pretty much guarantee you feel 150% when you wake up :) tiredness and hunger are a side effect of heavy healing/energy work. The more you accomplished the worse the side effects get.

3rd September 2005, 02:16 PM
When you're feeling tired after doing energy work, eating a bit of fruit (like a handfull of grapes) can help the tired feeling. Diet is very important right now, so try to avoid unhealthy foods and overeating.

Also, since you're using a lot of energy in a healing process at first, you should do some daily energy raising to try and replace the energy which is being used to repair your body.

3rd September 2005, 03:21 PM
and thank you all, yes am feeling so much better today..
and I guess I'm using NEW,, :? my firend lent me Roberts book,,
and started with the tactile swirling, in all joints, went on to wrapping, brushing, etc.. I guess I should have expected to feel tired,, but it didnt enter my mind,

and am checking out the web link right now,,

thank you all so much,
love and light