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26th February 2007, 07:24 PM
Hello, my name is Chris from Georgia USA.

I've read about 5 chapters of Astral Dynamics, and loved it while I worked at an older job, but now I'm very busy with my new one.

The closest I've had to a conscious exit was a fuzzy feeling that my mind convinced me was vibrations. With little or no success afterward, I found myself focusing on other things like the girlfriend or websites I've been working on.

I lost interest.

Until last night. I was on a certain web site and ran into some Brainwave Generator tracks. I did purchase Mastering Astral Projection a while back, but since I'm a Mac user, I never got the chance to employ it. I went ahead and downloaded some exported clips of different frequencies lasting from 20min to 1hr. I converted the files to AIFF (from FLAC) and transferred them to my iPod. Luckily, I also purchased the Bose Quiet Comfort 2 headphones a few months back, and they are quite effective when it comes to transmitting high and low frequencies. I have the frequencies in lossless format. I have one hour. Why not give it a shot?

I laid back in my bed and pressed play, and a fuzzy sound with a very low tone began playing and looping. 'This is weird and oddly comfortable' I thought to myself. I quickly slowed down and started to enter a shallow trance-like state. Naturally, my mind ran through the events of my day and then concentrated on the tones in the sound file, causing me to feel a little bit more attached to my body and distracted.

A few minutes later, I began drifting. Drifting... drifting... feeling fuzzy. Deep breathing became standardized, normal, unconscious breathing. I felt my mind's eye become aware of the back of my eyelids.

I always thought the best way to help me begin the exit process was to imagine myself sitting up and standing in my bed, or rolling over and out of my body. None of my assumptions involved tactile movements or interaction.

I felt myself grip a weak plastic fork and the side of a styrofoam to-go box, with my bare elbows touching a cold table and my feet flat against a tile floor. I could feel the grooves in the tiles with the toes of my shoes. I couldn't see much, but I could feel everything with perfect precision: edges, texture, temperature. I let that tactile vision slowly fade away...

Suddenly, WHOOSHHHHH!!! My hearing deafened slightly and I felt my etheric body shift around. I felt like I sunk 6 inches into my bed and my heart began to race. My mind's eye opened up again and I began telling myself "MOVE, Chris, MOVE. LEAVE. TIME TO GO. TIME TO LEAVE YOUR BODY!" and still nothing happened. I naturally, just as before, tried to visualize myself leave my body, and nothing happened. My muscles in my arms and legs began to twitch, and I realized I couldn't move my arms or legs if I wanted to. Suddenly I remembered: sleep paralysis.

Waking paralysis (often called sleep paralysis) will also occur where the real time body has been generated 'inside' the physical/etheric body, but actual separation or full projection from the physical/etheric bodies has not occurred. This means a partial projection has occurred, albeit internally, and is causing some degree of waking paralysis. The real time 'projectable double' in this case has not projected completely free of it's physical body. If this is suspected, the projector should relax and let it happen, or use a projection technique like rope. A full projection can then occur if it has not already happened. -Home » Tutorials » Training » Astral Projection » Part 8

I began running over every symptom of near-exit in my mind, and I slowly came back to feeling my physical body. I was sweating.

The sounds in my headphones ended and I took off my headphones. I set them at the side of my bed forever changed from what happened 15 minutes prior.

Everything I tried and tried to do in silence with what I learned from AP and MAP became a quick reality with very little effort or thought with help from this simple Brainwave Generation.

Here I am, my name is Chris, and I'm from Georgia in the USA.

26th February 2007, 08:04 PM
Wow... nice first time! Congratulations Chris!

Welcome to AD. You'll find lots here to help you make the next step & find your way out & about. Enjoy!

See you around the forums...

26th February 2007, 08:08 PM
Thank you very much.

I'm just curious as to what I should consider this experience. Waking Paralysis usually indicates that an OOBE is in progress... All I felt was the sensations of exit, then my mind kicked in and acknowledged it all, and everything seemed to stop slowly.

What would you consider it?

26th February 2007, 10:54 PM
Pre-exit sensations. A few more minutes, a few exit strategies, and you could have found yourself out, probably. Now you know you respond well to binaural beats.

26th February 2007, 10:59 PM
Indeed. I was caught by surprise.

Once I am in that fuzzy-numb-deaf stage, I assume I should try the rope or ladder technique (worked well for me in the past).

Does that sound right? It feels right to me.

We will see what tonight holds.

26th February 2007, 11:03 PM
I like the rope or ladder (or waterski) when I have the sensation of paralysis. In the odd time that it doesn't work, do a full-body-bounce (no need to hurry it) and it'll 'loosen' your energy body, to then try to roll out or fly out, depending on how it affects you. (If it wakes you up more, you weren't in enough).

26th February 2007, 11:38 PM
I believe that I was in deep enough, but my mind just started analyzing everything that was going on instead of staying deep within it. I wasn't prepared for what happened because I just slipped into the paralysis quickly.

27th February 2007, 02:46 PM
I tried again last night, earlier on in the evening.

I realized that after 15 minutes after tuning into the deep relaxation Brainwave Generation that I can easily induce the exit symptoms. All I have to do is concentrate on my body for about half a second and whooooosh I'll feel the exit symptoms, have REM, and feel the vibrations.

I think the only thing holding me back is the lack of deep relaxation and energy work; my etheric body is simply shifting around and becoming highly active at my command.

What would you recommend I do next? Spend more time on energy work outside of the binaural stimulation, then proceed? At what point would you recommend I begin using the rope method?

Much appreciated. This is the closest I've ever been.

27th February 2007, 04:30 PM
I can't speak for anyone else, but I don't even attempt an exit technique until I'm feeling 'loose', that is, there is a feeling of 'vertigo', movement within my body, or vibrations so intense I can almost see them, and/or loud heart chakra strobing. That's when I attempt an exit method.

27th February 2007, 05:01 PM
That sounds like it would work for me, although the feelings are so intense it's difficult for me to simulate an exit technique in my mind.

It gets to the point where my vision breaks open and I can almost see... I can feel my eyes twitching beneath my eyelids and it feels like I'm only an inch away from exiting. It's almost frustrating!

Also: if you feel like this thread should be moved to a different topic, please feel free.

Moved to forum where it might get more responses. Admin.

25th March 2007, 09:55 PM
hey YHORKE, could you please provide a link to the exact same BW generator you downloaded???

how you say "turned lots of silent trance work into a 15 minute job" sounds very appealing to people like me, whov tried for years to AP.