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27th February 2007, 03:11 PM
when i received MAP as a present and after reading a few chapters, i decided to try BWGen.
started with first wave as advised.

Anyway, i KNOW that in music there are vibrational frequencies to calm us down as well as to excite ourselves, like in dancing. So i thought, cool, lets try and see what happens... .
well, i remember sitting down and allowing the exercise to happen. I didn´t add any extras as bird singing, nor ocean waves, nor wind effects to it. wanted it to be as scientifical as it is supposed to be.

So i initialted my listening.

did the requeired time, BUT it was really a forced thing. in the first 5 minutes it brought me such a bad sensation...God, and i remeber thinking "weird", then my thought continued "Let it run , chnage will probably occur and you will feel the difference", so i did, but change that occured was for worst.
So, i would like to understand why.
We all do have a moreless specific frequency generally speaking and i suppose that these sounds in BWGen are meant to make us develop sensations that will help feel better, relaxed and hopefully allow a state for reading the projection experience.
Of course, i didnt expect anything at all, just wanted to know what it was.
My friend who was online during my experience allowed me the necessary time and was also curious, cause he himself has used the BWGen and only had good experience through it.
So, what could have possibly gone in a weird direction as to my first experiment with BWGen??

I really felt so discomfortabel that it never called my attention again. I sort of fear the use of it. Can anyone tell me why exactly?

Just as a note to finish: i love meditations, do then quite well, had extraordinary experiments through some and also had a few CDs with soft special music to help align my chakras. All these always ran well for me.

Thank you,

& i am sorry to start this section with this personally neg experiment throught BWGen. Never posted it before cause always got distracted with other topics here in AD and also was willing to go through another test before writing this one. But NEXT TIME didnt come yet, and i think it is due to the non understanding of the first effect i felt with BWGen.

27th February 2007, 04:54 PM
Actually, what the BWGen is supposed to do is synchronize your brain hemispheric frequencies, not necessarily make you 'feel' any specific way, as in a meditation or 'mood' music recording. Every preset is different, uses different frequencies to synchronize your brain, and also gets it used to this synchronization. So it is not uncommon for some presets to affect you differently than others.
It is possible that the specific one you used stimulated the 'fear' side of the amygdala (one side makes you feel fear, the other side love and security- see Violetsky's post 'Clicking the Amygdala for more information). This is not deliberate but everyone's brain is different. I would say, if this was very unpleasant, wait for next week and try the next one, and see how you feel.
Like I said before, and I want to stress this: The BWGen is not a meditation cd, it contains no suggestions in it, or mood music, it is a system that uses binaural beats, which put different tones on each ear which synchronizes both hemispheres to get your brainwaves to a specific frequency, without losing consciousness in the process.
The cd also contains meditation affirmations to put in your audio system if you want, but that's not in the BWGen.

28th February 2007, 03:17 AM
I ahve made my own hemisync sessions & i've found there can be differences based on just how the frequency changes. A session with sine wave changes (smooth rolling hills, up & down, up & down) has a different effect to square wave changes. (jagged waves, sides straight up & down) Spiky formations (diagonally up to a peak & down again) have yet a different effect again.

Sine wave changes seem to be good for meditation, square waves seem to mess with creativity & diagonal ones seem to benefit lucid dreams. (basic description only - it's more complex than this)

My partner tried hemisync using the public domain version of BWgen & disliked it a lot. I downloaded some sessions from other sources that seemed not to have the effect, & since coming to Australia she has tried my MindMachine without ill effects.

Maybe the BWGen sessions are using a wave form of changes that make you uncomfortable & you react to it? As CFT says, the actual technology of brainwave entrainment doesn't actually cause anything except altering the current frequencies at which the two sides of your mind are operating. Perhaps it's the way the changes are coming that is causing the ill-effects?

28th February 2007, 03:53 PM
The BWGen is not a meditation cd, it contains no suggestions in it, or mood music, it is a system that uses binaural beats, which put different tones on each ear which synchronizes both hemispheres to get your brainwaves to a specific frequency, without losing consciousness in the process. by CFT.

Auric field is energy and as such has frequencies. these requencies can be changed consciously or subconsciously.
Music is a set of tunes put in harmony which are a product of frequencies harmonically positioned one in relation to another and thus altrer our emotional state, normally for good.
what i want to say here, is that any sound is a wave with a frequency. be it accords or binaural beats that will not sound as music, it still does of course and obviously alter brain frequencies which in turn produce reactions in the emotional level which will affect the mood no matter what.

ANY HEARD or UNHEARD , seen or unseen frequency will make changes on the auric field. That is why when we are beamed electromagnetically we might not see, nor hear, BUT we surely REACT! we humans, with our most sensitive auric field feel. Similar to the sun with UV rays. Anything is frequency and changes us. Many times we dont know what is being done to us (human control through developed technology ordinary man (apart those involved in such projects) has not yet publically disclosed nor seen(?))
I think here we come to the point where some words are similar and can be shuffeled to describe one and same meaning againg and again.

I agree that binaural beats are notmusic, but dont get mistaken, and as you yourself said they are meant to produce synchronizations in the brain. sure, the brain will be reprogrammed and thus the auric field too will readjust...

i am very sensitive to unknown effects.
i wil try again, sure. my 6th sense tells me i did it in the wrong time, probably poicked up the wrong beat too. but WRONG compared to what?
i wil keep reading more experiences from people and make the experiments and post them later ;-))

Thank you all for the back-up :-D


28th February 2007, 07:23 PM
Well keep in mind, the binaural beats in hemisync are not really there! there is no low frequency being heard by the ears. The 'beats' are being produced within your brain, as a result of the part of your brain that analyses sound trying to match up 2 slightly different tones.

This would seem to preclude any effects from frequencies being imposed from outside - it is your brain that constructs the effects that bring about the entrainment of your mind. Other than that, all you are hearing is 2 separate tones & I would guarantee that if you listened to either one of them alone (just hold one headphone to your ear at a time) there will be no strange effect.

It is only when you listen to both & your brain does it's mix & match that you get the effect. that's part of why it takes 6 - 7 minutes for the entrainment effect to start. And why you can't get the effect from external speakers - in that instance, both sounds are reaching both ears & there is no binaural beat.

(And yes, I've seen a thread here where someone claimed to get an effect from speakers but for mine, that shows the effects of expectation rather than entrainment. Entrainment has been measured with EEG monitoring & it is a real effect. But it is in the brain that it all happens.