View Full Version : Crystal Bowls!

8th March 2007, 02:46 AM
These incredible instruments have numerous healing properties!

Anyone have experiences they can share?

8th March 2007, 02:59 PM
Only of feeling good after listening to them.

9th March 2007, 10:33 AM
Back in 1995 this writer went to an "Activation" with MAX the Crystal Skull and we all played various sized crystal bowls.... the energy raised was truly astounding- I will never forget it. Blessings, myhoran

9th March 2007, 06:32 PM
This writer has no idea what you're talking about. Will any crystal bowl do? How do you 'play' them? Is it like resonating a glass where you rub a wet finger around the rim?



9th March 2007, 10:17 PM
OOooo think Tibetan singing bowls (the metal ones) but made of quartz crystal and other elements and when you rub the rim with a usually suede "wand" they vibrate with a certain tone and it causes your body to resonate at the same level. usually people play them in sets of 7 each bowl a different chakra note!

They are definetly a great in person experience but recordings of them have a similar effect. I guess if you had a really good sound system you could get very similar results, but of course live is best.


14th June 2007, 12:36 PM
the bowls are amazing - was experimenting last night at a friends place to see how many different pitches you can get from the way you hold the bowl.

His Tibetan bowl sends out a great deep "bass" vibe when held in the palm, (palm being flat): really grounding - then when the tips of the fingers are placed against the bowl whilst holding it flat in the palm, the pitch changes to third eye pitch resonance. This has had a vibratory effect that is causing third eye/bio energy releases today thus causing things to go boingo around the place today a bit :lol: like I stare at something and a few mins later hear a crashing sound and it has fallen: no damage done, just intense releases of stuck old junk. PHEW!

So walked around his house playing the bowl and noted how the bowl sound quality changed yet again in areas of congested energy, was kinda dull, then after a few minutes in that spot the sound brightened

He also has a crystal bowl that sends out a screech when played too fast that would be a great late night antidote to different kinds of "burgs":lol: :lol: have a whistling gnome motion alarm near the back door for the same said purpose (fair dinkum)

I have a chinese singing bowl that is specifically for space clearing - it has a high and pure sound and quickly shifts stagnant energy - it was expensive at the time however now that I'm living in an older style apartment am glad for the investment. This one has a cloth ring which separates the bottom of the bowl from the palm, it is highly calibrated made from seven metals and very shiny gold.

Totally different from the Tibetan and crystal bowls - the crystal ones are for cleansing items - you put the item inside the bowl and then play the bowl - good for vibrational tool charging such as dzi beads 8)