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Blue Mage
12th March 2007, 12:30 AM
Are there really humans who don't have a soul/spirt/whatever it's called?

Some clairvoyant people have alluded to an observation that in some people, there is something not there.

On montalk.net the author describes some people as being "organic portals", people missing one of the three parts of the "soul". And then there are "agents", people who are programmed by the reptilians or whatever. He says only 50% of people have a full soul. How did he come up with this number? Is montalk.net really an informative website?

Sometimes I feel like some people are pretty empty, but I just figure that just reflects a lack of rapport between us. It seems like even many clairovoyant people are quick to judge others just because they don't share their interests, or don't think like they do.

So why do some people believe this? Someone, just tell me how it is, and what evidence there is of it, I'm not afraid of anything. I won't jump to conclusions and think soulless people should be feared or enslaved or anything, I'm just idly curious.

12th March 2007, 12:58 AM
I agree 100%.

12th March 2007, 01:14 AM
i have seen weak auras but never none at all...however psi vampyrism is due to a pranic deficientcy so maybe that is what he means

12th March 2007, 01:18 AM
I read a story about Edgar Cayce going into an elevator and seeing that the people in it had no auras, it spooked him, so he didn't go in it, and the elevator had a malfunction and everyone in it died. Apparently the lack of auras signified that those people had already started to 'go' at the essential level. Not knowing how much of a myth this may be, I'd advise taking it with a very little grain of salt. A teeny tiny one. :wink: Frankly, I don't even remember where I read this.

Blue Mage
12th March 2007, 01:54 AM
I think "organic portals" and whatnot are supposed to appear to have auras just like regular people

Palehorse Redivivus
12th March 2007, 02:47 AM
Interesting. This is a concept I've been thinking on and seem to keep encountering lately. I used to take it for granted that of course everybody had a soul, right? But do they really? Nowadays I'm not so sure.

I do know there are tons of people who might as well not, anyway -- if they do have any free will of their own, it never occurs to them to use it. Entire lives are lived as if they were designed from a mass-produced template, which in a sense they are. There's no oriignal thought, no questioning, no exercising of will; everything is just a reaction to external stimulus, expectations, biological appetites and so forth. And many of them even seem about as happy to be that way as they're told they should be.

The very same day a while back that I was really thinking on this concept, and then had a long discussion on it with somebody, a seemingly unrelatd set of syncs led me to stumble on the idea of "p-zombies." The P is for "philosophical" -- it's a philosophical concept, used for thought experiments and to argue for or against the different theories of consciousness. A p-zombie is a person who has every appearance of having conscious experiences, if you pinch them they'll say "ow" for instance as if they did feel pain and could respond appropriately, but they don't. There's nothing going on internally, its an imitation of conscious human behavior.


But is this more than hypothetical? Are there really people like this walking around? I have no idea, but it did make me wonder. The idea of people without souls is a dangerous one though -- just think about all the atrocities committed over the course of history, by one group of people who decided that another was less than human. In my case I simply took the concept as more encouragement to stay focused on my own path, to keep developing and being vigilant about defining my own identity, and by extension my own experience, on my own terms. That, IMO seemed about the healthiest way to account for the possibility that this is a real phenomenon.

Blue Mage
12th March 2007, 03:27 AM
Yeah... I feel ya... some people really do seem to be lacking in the free will department. My "favorite" is people who say things like, "I do this [self-destructive behavior] because I'm a man/woman/persuasion, I'm wired this way." Then I think, "if you are aware of the way you are behaving, if you are lucid enough to describe the way you are acting, aren't you aware enough to change, to realize things could be better?"

A lot of people just seem like computers... you can only interact with them in certain ways, and if you try something that is not part of their "interface" they are all like "does not compute!" and they go blank; they change the subject, make a joke, turn aggressive, they don't hear you, and later don't remember the conversation at all. But that does not prove anything, some people are just easily upset.

It is a dangerous idea. What if we learned that a disproportionate number of people of a gender or race have souls? People always overgeneralize things like that.

12th March 2007, 08:31 AM
There are various sorts of zombies (either due to negative life magic or energy vampires). As indicated above, they have a slight energy signature or else they decay (rot). This does not mean that the original owner/soul is not dead and departed. Exceptionally strong energy beings can animate a (dead) corpse for a time. Often these bodies have grayish ashy skin. I've seen a handful of these.

There are also constructed humanoid bodies very similar to human bodies. As they are devices, they never had souls. These are used by powerful beings to 'fit in' better. I've never detected one of these. Of course while occupied, that essence is detectable but often quite different than a human soul.

Both of the above are quite rare.

Blue Mage
14th March 2007, 12:39 PM
Come to think of it, early on in my spiritual seeking I had a vision that I still haven't completely figured out: I saw a big heap of crystals, some of them a beautiful deep purple hue, and others looked like a dull, dirty yellowish clear color. The purple ones had a string or chain connected to each of them while the others did not. The strings all went up to a single source, like a hand holding the whole bunch of string together and I could imagine the strings being pulled up, lifting only the purple, separating the two kinds of crystals, and causing all the purple ones to neatly fall together forming one big crystal.

For a long time I've wondered, what is being separated from what? Aren't we all supposed to be one? All from the same source? In the context of soulless people, the vision makes more sense... it seems to suggest that the souled people are being lifted out from amongst them.