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10th September 2005, 05:25 AM
I find the face seems to be a relatively uncovered area of NEW, other than the mouth and lips... I have bad acne and scarring so I'd like to get super healing up there, does anyone have any tips?

Also, I think moles suck, is there a more indepth guide to mole removal? Has the X thing worked for anyone yet? Would cutting the mole out work too?

10th September 2005, 10:06 AM
The face is a very important area in energy work. From my own experience, I have noticed the presence of at least 8 bigs chakras on the whole head, 6 of which being on the face, and a lot of small chakras. The head energetic structure seems very complicated.

For your acne, work with vizualisation and positive suggestion each night, it worked well for me. You can add some energy coming from the heart center, but concentrate only on the surface of the skin, don't go too deep with your body awareness or you'll stimulate the chakras mentioned hereabove.

11th September 2005, 02:07 AM
My head area in general is the easiest area for me to work on but I can't really diffrenciate between different centers very well, large or small.

I thought at one time I found some small chakra points just above each of my eyes and I stimulated them for a night but I havent been able to relocate them, either with brunt awareness or by scratching, poking, whatever to stimulate them. :?

I get wierd problems when I try to stimulate above my brow center.
My awarness jumps around erraticly, and usually relocates back into the brow center.

One thing I want to try out is to stimulate as much as the face, and head, as possible and see what effects I get.

There is one more um, thing, I wanted to say. If I use those stick earwipe things to clean out the inside of my ear then center my body awareness on those points inside my ear I get a feeling of extreme pressure, nearly hurts but not quite there.

It will probably be best to mention that I do not over clean the ears or push them so far into my head that I am damaging anything :wink:

I also do not have an inner ear infection, I can recreate these feelings, and I am very healthy going on a year now. :)

Dunno if that last bit was neccesary but... Ther ya go.

6th October 2005, 11:09 AM
Hmmm that is strange, i thought i read somewhere that the energy work was causing some recent activity on my face as in what you might call acne. I just bought some medication stuff and it worked well. I usually just use warm water. can this be right? I thought the energy work was supposed to clear this up? Unless it has some sort of opposite effect by doing it too much or strongly?!?

6th October 2005, 11:52 AM
One of the ways of the body to get rid of toxins, is through the pores. If they can't handle it, you get acne.

So if energetic stimulations causes acne, that's a good sign that your body is cleaning the toxins out.

Depending on how much needs to be cleaned, it could take a while, but should ware of in time.