View Full Version : I'm energy sensitive!! But I can't concentrate :(

12th September 2005, 10:53 PM
Hello everyone :) .
I've been practicing NEW off and on for the past year and a half, give or take. I now feel pretty comfortable with manipulating my energybody. At times I feel it's difficult to manipulate my energybody, and that something is blocking my awareness due to whatever random reason, but generally I can move energy through my body, instantly "feel" energy at whatever place I want to, and feel the awareness actions when I want. I have by no means mastered it. I don't have ultimate control. But I have much more control than when I first started.

Just a few days ago I started the chakra stimulation. It worked just fine. I could very clearly distinguish the feelings of my chakras. I have made a few attempts with the ROPE technique, which I must say, is very effective at causing the vibrations associated with projection within me. Unfortunately, I can't help but to visualize my hands actually pulling a rope.

Now for my questions, sorry if they are too many: How do I really concentrate? What exactly is the "feel" of concentration? How do I develop it? How often should I practice a day? Do I need to have a limited amount of distractions around me to practice, or can I practice whenever, like NEW? How might I stop the actual visualization of my hands pulling a rope, and just "feel" the pulling of a rope?

Thanks in advance to everyone who imparts their knowledge on these matters, and I hope that your replies aid others with the same questions that I have. :D

13th September 2005, 09:57 AM
Hi. As far as I can gather everyone has differing meditation/trance techniques. It can be a pain practising where there are distractions but it's good practice. It makes practice so much easier when you are in a tranquil, quiet environment. Good discipline. :wink: Maybe a good starting point would be to practice settling surface thoughts. One such visualisation I find helpful is to visualise your surface thoughts appearing on pieces of paper. Screw the paper up and throw it away before the thought has chance to arise. There will come a point when you will be so familiar with your mind that you will instantly know when a diversion (a thought) to your practice is occurring and you can discard it immediately. Hope this helps. There are many techniques but practice is by far the most rewarding :wink: