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15th September 2005, 11:25 PM
I discovered something fun to try out next time you do any energy work.

Most of you are familiar with the idea of building up energy between your hands, but for those who are not I'll describe it now:

Hold your hands out in front of you about an inch to an inch and a half apart, palms facing each other. Slowly bring them away from each other, moving them outward, about a foot or so apart, and then bring them back to within an inch or two of each other. Do this slowly. After a while you can feel a build up of something between your hands. The best way to describe it is the feeling of holding two weak magnets near each other while they are trying to repel. It is like the air between your hands thickens.

Now, is this some type of energy, or maybe just a muscle reaction of moving like this? Maybe it's just in your mind?

Want to know for sure?

Do a bit of energy work. For exmaple, I am a total beginner in NEW, but after I did the exercise where you stimulate the secondary chakra at the base of your thumb, I decided to try the energy builder I described above. Now, normally when I do it, it takes a moment and the feeling is just "there," not a huge force but after doing the thumb exercise, it took me mere seconds and the feeling was incredible! Normally I can only really get a strong feel of it when my hands are within a few inches, but now I could hold them almost half a foot apart and still feel like I was holding a big invisible ball of heavy air, or however you want to describe it. It was really quite amazing.

I just thought I'd mention. It is something neat to try.

P.S. - I don't know if this will work for all. For example, any people who are fully experienced with NEW may have such active energy that they will ALWAYS have the strong build-up I described. It is still worth a try. It's a nice reassurance that this is all real. I mean, come on, we all have our doubts every once and a while don't we?

16th September 2005, 01:21 AM
I believe this is known a psiball. :D There's also something called a "psi wheel" that consists of a needle and a piece of aluminum foil. You can rotate the foil around the needle by utilizing energy. http://www.psipog.net/ has some good articles about Psi Balls and such. :)

16th September 2005, 03:42 AM
im new can somebody help me i need to know can i use ki energy in martial arts?

16th September 2005, 08:55 PM
im new can somebody help me i need to know can i use ki energy in martial arts?
If you mean like creating very powerful ki balls that are able to inflict physical damage, then don't count on it.

There are things you can do with the ki energy that can give you an advantage in fights though. For example, you can learn to read the intention of your opponent, and you can learn to confuse the opponent that is trying to read your intention.

Energy vampires are able to use the energy of others, so technically I suppose it's possible to drain ppl of energy while fighting to get an advantage, but I don't recommend it.

If you are able to keep the ki energy within yourself, so that you don't spend it all (inflow of energy is greater than or equal to the outflow), it will help you endure the fight easier. You don't get as tired as quick, and you will feel lighter, faster and generally better.

16th September 2005, 11:56 PM
evil_candy1 wrote:

im new can somebody help me i need to know can i use ki energy in martial arts?

Actually if you perform aikido, you can only perform the techniques properly if you are manipulating your opponent’s energy when you do them. Some martial artists do this naturally with their breath without even realizing they are doing it. Most others, however, cannot understand why they cannot compare to their peers when they perform the techniques even though they are moving properly. Without the proper energy shift accompanying the movement, the power of aikido is quite limited. Many American sensei do not teach aikido comprehensively, so keep an eye out when picking a dojo.

Tai chi and martial Chi Kung are both entrenched in energy manipulation as well. They both further open your meridians while training you how to release energy through your attacks to give you extra power and control.

If you really want to learn, straight forward, immediately, how to incorporate energy to make you much more powerful in your current style, I recommend learning Mantak Chia's Iron Shirt Chi Kung. He is an expert in the field of Daoist energy control, accumulation, and manipulation, and this program will train you to transform your physical body through your energy.

If you just want to knock people over with psiballs....then you probably need to go train on a mountain top in China for a few years :-)

17th September 2005, 06:27 PM
On the martial arts forms I completely agree with you, while having not taken them on my own I know of many who do and that seems to be what they believe as well. But I disagree on the mountain top statement...maybe...quite a few year...not just a few :P

Good luck!