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14th April 2007, 03:33 AM
A couple nights ago my sister and i were sitting outside looking at the stars. After a couple hours i was looking at the stars and it looked like they were moving sideways, kinda fast but not really going too far away from their original positions.
Then i realized that i was doing it. I asked my sister if she saw them moving, she said yes.
I stopped them from moving, asked if she saw them moving, she said no. I made them start moving again and asked, she said yes.
Asked again without stopping them to test her answers, she said they still were moving. I then played with it for a minute or so after i stopped
asking her.

What was interesting was they didn't seam to go back to their original positions after i stopped them, though it was hard to notice that since they didn't look like they went back to the postition just looked like afterwards that they had moved there when i moved them.
(sorry if that sentence was a bit confusing)

We decided to go inside after that, she later said she saw a ghost or something. She said it was full white and grey, faded out on the bottom with a horrible look on its face with its head laying on its shoulder, like its neck was broken. She said it moved from our neighbors' dog house infront of their house to right next to me about the same time or just before i started asking her about the stars. She said she tried to ignore it and she didn't tell me about it until we got inside.(wish she told me then. :\) She described it in a "bit" more detail but trying to keep the post as short as possible and thats the basics of it.
That didn't suprise me though since i briefly felt someone there earlier.

To make it a bit more interesting, later after going inside i asked what stars she was looking at, she was looking the stars above us(the big dipper) and i was looking at the ones just above the tree line. She also said that she noticed them moving just before i started asking her and that she saw two stars "collide" with eachother.

It took me a good long while to accept that the stars were moving and i wasn't dreaming or anything. Kept asking my sister "are you sure you saw the stars move?" all night, lol. I even went back outside and looked at the same stars and tried a few things like moving my head or looking at it a certain way to see if it was our imaginations or an illusion/ trick with our eyes/mind. couldn't reproduce it.

So all i can think of that happened to make them move is, i moved the stars themselves, made the planet spin faster, changed the path of the light from the stars or changed our perception of the stars to make it look like they moved.
The first two are very unlikely, changing the light of the stars.. maybe, but douptful. The only one that makes sense would be changing our perception of the stars to look like they were moving.

What would the ability to change another person's perception be called? telepathy?

This experience is/was really unexpected. Especcially since I didn't even try to move them, i just.. did it and then realized it. O.o

any opinions/comments are welcome and appreciated, even if its to say that I'm insane. :)

14th April 2007, 03:27 PM
You're not insane, at least not what I can judge from the post (then again what is Sanity? ok let's not get into that one).

I think it was either a mind-trick, or that the objects in the sky weren't stars.

I honestly don't think you made the planet move, moved entire solar systems or mind-controlled yourself and your sister to hallucinate the movements.

I think that the mind is very complex and very advanced, so is space and light and all the physics and philosophy that goes with it.

I am open to the possibility though, that you are some kind of super-strong PK-master, but I really think there are other explanations. Not necessarily scientifical ones.

Don't get mad, but were you and your sister under the influence of some substance, or did you both do something "attuning" such as meditate together prior to this experience? Is this the first time it happened?

This is interesting: "I didn't try to do it, I just did and then I realized it". Could it not be so that your mind registered the movement before it sent the signals to you that you actually caused that movement? That would explain why your sister could se the movement at the same time. Also, our mind has the ability to "sync" the perception of reality to match stuff, are you sure the movements were 100% synced with your will to make them move? This could be likened by having the sound of one movie playing (audio input), and the screen of another movie (video input) playing at the same tame, and in many cases, it would seem that the movement of the mouths of the actors on the screen are very well synchronized with the sound / talk of the other movie. This is our brain's effort to understand the information it's processing, also I think it's a rather fun experience.

I hope I made some sense here. PEACE!

14th April 2007, 06:40 PM
I know that they were stars, i've taken an astronomy class(and passed :P) and i like to sit/walk outside and look at them :). Also it wasn't just one or two stars moving, it was all of them. At least all of them in my POV and the ones that my sister was looking at. Hmm, she didn't say if she say she saw all of them move or not, i'll have to ask.

Normally i would think it was a mind trick but they stopped and started moving immediatly when i tried to do so and my sister saw them stop at the same time. thats the main reason why i think i did it. That and i had a feeling while doing it, can't really describe it, like a feeling of willing it. It was that feeling that made me think i was doing it.

I am open to the possibility though, that you are some kind of super-strong PK-master, but I really think there are other explanations. Not necessarily scientifical ones.
Well, a master would know that they were doing it. I can't even move a psi wheel yet. O.o
Though I if was changing our perceptions of the stars moving then that wouldn't be pk, which seams to be the most likely if it really was me. The rest would most likey have been noticed by scientists/ other people and seams much less believable, especially since i haven't even been able to move a psi wheel yet.

I hardly ever get mad, so say whats on your mind. I just need to figure out what happened and if it really was me. :). But no, my sister and i were not under the influence of any substances. We didn't do any purposeful attuning, though we were outside looking at the stars and talking about metaphysical stuff for a good 2 hours or so, which we could tell was making us more open to those kinds of experiences(best way i could put it). So i guess you could say we did.
Yeah, its the first time that has ever happened and i like to sit outside and look at the stars as often as possible when its warm so it kinda seams like if it was a mind trick it would have happened before.

Could it not be so that your mind registered the movement before it sent the signals to you that you actually caused that movement? That would explain why your sister could se the movement at the same time.
Yeah but she also saw them stop and move when i asked her if she saw them moving still. Not unless you are saying they started moving and then i took control of it? Sorry that sentence was a bit confusing and i'm not sure which you ment.(i just woke up, so that might have something to do with it :)).
I'm sure that they stopped and started moving exactly when i ment/told them to.

It might be worth mentioning that i'm empathic, enough so to feel a good online friend's symptoms of drinking vodka. So maybe i'm prone to this kind of stuff?

Thanks for the response. Gotta go ask my sister some more questions about it now. :]

14th April 2007, 07:10 PM
You're welcome.

Ok just let me get this clear:

You think that you may have moved some / most stars? - Yes / No

If Yes - I'm sorry, but how can you possibly think that? In that case, why didn't you move our solar system aswell

If No - I'm sorry again, you have to clarify what you mean... :?

Yeah I'm gonna take a summer course in Astronomy too, I just love space and the stars. And yes, I am also very empathic, it's hell sometimes, isn't it? :roll:

14th April 2007, 07:20 PM
i think if you had really moved the stars, astronomers and scientists would immediately notice, and itd be all over the news.

14th April 2007, 08:03 PM
No i do not think i moved the actual stars or anything physical. I think i changed our perception of the stars to make them look like they are moving. At least thats the most logical conclusion i can come up with as i honestly do not know the how.

I only mentioned the moving the stars or earth as part of the things that i figured would have to happen if the stars themselves actually did move in the sky. Was just showing what my thought process on what happen were. sorry if that confused you.

Though i doupt it, maybe the ghost my sister saw made them look like they were moving? She did say it did appear within a few minutes before and appeared next to me while they were moving. Though her desciption of it, it seamed more like it was looking for help then wanting to do something like making it look like the stars are moving as a joke or something.

And yes, I am also very empathic, it's hell sometimes, isn't it? :roll:
yeah, It can be very inconvenient. Though it canhelp alot with understanding and helping people, especcially online. :)

24th April 2007, 03:54 AM
Hello there...
I am curious here .. :-)

what happens to me often is that when i look at the stars at night and love doing it, if i focus a lot on one star specifically, it seems as if the whole sky and the stars are moving. this has happened to me always , since i was a child... .
Obviously nor you, nor i were moving the stars, hehehe, but I am not surprised it felt to you like the sky moved! :-D

i personally think that by focusing intesively a far distant object, plus in this case we are talking about a very small illuminated point very far in space added the fact it is located in a whole black sky background, making it much more difficult for the eye not to get tired and thus this stress of the eyes muscles over a specific target, makes the rest seem either blurred or simply displacing altogether, as if moving. I have seen this many times myself.
This to me is one aspect of interpretation of what happened to you.

As to your sister also seeing it, what i think that has happened to both of you, was that You, Jimbobjoejr, by being fisically close to your sister and having a strong auric field during this concentration over this star, affected your sisters auric fields vibration making her "see" also this whole scene "moving". Let me try to compare this to the following:
Imagine, you are sitting in front of a very very hot surface. Normally this projects so much heat into the air that the vision of the things behind the heated air flow seems to be distorted... Similar to this, your auric field was altered due to your miinds strong activity (i think)... and somehow this affected your nearby positioned sister.

I see it this way:
Since the Physical body is placed inside an egg shaped auric field with its own vibration and thinkness, when the human mind applies some strong activity of the mind (or the opposite: some external element (lke electromagnetc strong field) affects the auric field) its auric field vibration changes and depending on the strenght of brain waves used, the eyes processing this "distorted" visual data alter the perception of "reality" whithin the mind in relation to the focused object, thus creating the "illusion" of displacement of the whole scene.

In my particular case, this "stars displacement" hasn't been more than approximately 3 to 4cm, considering that the sky is "positioned", e.i. visually projected, at a meter of distance from the eyes (on a kind of holografic screen)..., hope I made myself clear.

Then and again, What IS REALITY and WHAT IS EVERYTHING THAT We See: what is it??? does it exist at all??? we may question everything we see. Schizofrenichs are told to "see" in ther minds such a strong projected reality, that they are considered crazy, in fact, are they??? who knows these special people are presented to us mainly as being nuts so that we instead of helpng them and allowing them to lve this nteresting "approach" to reality instead of fearing these "patients", who are in fact forced under medication, switching off their different percetions of the real data of reality as known in general. Ths way relatives and frends wll never question themselves about the WHY's and of course will Never get close to what might be a very interestng study of the so called schzofrnics mind and all those special people who see "ghosts"....

That s why I love so much Einstein's sentence:

actually, going slightly deeper into it, when someone states:
"THIS is UGLY (or BEAUTIFUL)", interesting would be if everybody questioned the stated sentence using this question:
"...In comparison (or in relatioon) to what (or whom)?"...
So, depending on the grid from which we are approaching our focus over a specifc reality, one and only one answer is projected within it. The opposite answer to same question would emerge when approached from another grid of perception and so on. in this case we can have milions of answers to one question. I believe this is the field of infinite possibilites where existence is projected in which we are simple players in energetic forms with different densities. Thus, some humans are much strongly connected with more than one paralel densities, either hearing or "seeing" these "realites" closer/better than others.

.................................................. ......

5th October 2007, 03:50 AM
You're definitely not insane.

Tonight I confirmed the ability. I searched the internet for this exact reason, to see if what I'm seeing is common, and found this post. I signed up just so I could reply.

What I'm experiencing is very similar.
At least for myself, and I think you as well, it doesn't seem to be a matter of eyes getting bored. I can make particular stars move. Not the out of focus ones.

The other night I thought what I was seeing was a UFO, followed by another on its right side. After I "took a step back", I realized they were just 2 stars.

I do look at the sky quite often.

I never would've bothered to check about this kind of thing, except for recently my "ability" has gotten much stronger. Noticeable to the point of completely recognizing it. The stars have always "moved", and I just thought it was a common occurrence, like the "out of focus" stars that were mentioned. What I'm experiencing is much different. And it is hard to describe, because what I'm seeing just seems so damn impossible.

I apologize for the crudeness of my post, I just wanted to see what this was about, and then had to let Jimbobjoejr know he wasn't alone. As far as someone else being able to see it, I haven't had that experience yet. I'll let you know. I need to go play now.

5th October 2007, 06:07 AM
There's a simpler possibility. You pushed time slightly then allowed it to slide back. Due to the tremendous speed of the earth (tangentially relative to the sky) you would have only had to affect time (around the two of you) by fractions of a second. This is much easier than moving planets or stars.

5th October 2007, 06:22 AM
Possibly, you and your sister have a telepathic bond and you influence each other's thoughts and perceptions.

My husband is one of the most non-intuitive people you're ever likely to meet, but when he really "tunes in" to me, it's been known that not only can I get thoughts and pictures out of his head and memory, he can sometimes get pictures from mine. We've got a strong telepathic bond when we're quiet and in tune with each other (and not bickering over something pointless as people who have been married a long time tend to do ;)).

But I have no doubt that I could have influenced his perceptions of the material world. I think I probably have, in fact.

12th October 2007, 05:13 AM
You're definitely not insane.
no, i am insane, just.. not delusional. :lol: :)

i don't think it was time related, because i made them move in all different directions.

i have really good visualization skills, so it was probably accidentally and my sister and i have a very strong telepathic bond, i regularly pull crap from her head when she won't tell me things,(accidentally of course. :P) so it was probably a mix of those two.

most likely, it was started by my eyes crossing or something and i just ended up carrying it on after that by visualizing it accidentally.(wouldn't be the first time, just automatically do it. :) )

wow, that was 6 months ago that happened. surprised i still remember it clearly, lol.

12th October 2007, 07:24 AM
You saw the stars moving when you fixated on them?

This is a normal phenomenon, it is an optical illusion you get. The phenomenon seems to be well-documented, and none of the stars move, it is just a trick of the mind, IIRC.

See here (emphasis added by me):

The autokinetic effect is a phenomenon of human visual perception in which a stationary, small point of light in an otherwise dark or featureless environment appears to move. It was first recorded by a Russian officer keeping watch who observed illusory movement of a star near the horizon. It presumably occurs because motion perception is always relative to some reference point. In darkness or in a featureless environment there is no reference point, so the movement of the single point is undefined. The direction of the movements does not appear to be correlated with the involuntary eye movements, but may be determined by errors between eye position and that specified by efference copy of the movement signals sent to the extraocular muscles.

The amplitude of the movements is also undefined. Individual observers set their own frames of reference to judge amplitude (and possibly direction). Because the phenomenon is labile, it has been used to show the effects of social influence or suggestion on judgements. For example, if an observer who would otherwise say the light is moving one foot overhears another observer say the light is moving one yard then the first observer will report that the light moved one yard. Discovery of the influence of suggestion on the autokinetic effect is often attributed to Sherif (1935), but it was recorded by Adams (1912), if not others.

Many sightings of UFOs have also been attributed to the autokinetic effect's action on stars or planets.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Autokinetic_effect)