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18th September 2005, 06:39 PM
I was wondering something about my chackra's and/or if I'm doing something not quite right yet.

Whenever I try to make a psi-ball (don't know if that is an accepted term, but it best describes it), I have no trouble at all.

Whenever I try to heal anybody using my own energy or universal love, I have no trouble at all.

Whenever I try to stimulate a certain part of my body with my index finger pointing at it, whilst not looking, no problem at all.

Whenever I try to stimulate someone else at a certain place using my hands at a distance, no problam at all.

Whenever I try to gather energy into my lower chackra or energy reserve, nothing hapens.

I don't know if it is related, but till I was about 18 I operated like a robot. Emotion wise. I kinda made myself a son of Data and Spock if you like. Since then I have been dealing with the problem that drove me to that sollution, but havent 'recovered' completely yet. Could this be a related problem, and if so, has anybody got any idears about how to remedy it ?

If the above couldnt be the cause, then what am I doing wrong if I follow the NEW protocols by the letter ?

Thanks in advance,


18th September 2005, 08:34 PM
The techniques in NEW are very powerful and they get results quickly. In a way that is part of the problem. What you are working on is the beginning of a very long process and it will take decades to finish even though you are already getting results now. Focus on your strengths and they will carry the areas which need the most work. It is also good to spend time when you are not doing NEW to challenge yourself in ways that will develop areas where you are not as strong. Psychical exercises like tai chi or yoga can help to develop the body and increase your connection to your emotions. This will help to develop your intuition and by giving your energy system a foundation you will have stronger access to energy. You are not doing anything wrong. You just have a lot to do.

18th September 2005, 08:38 PM
Hi Planet_Jeroen

I am experiencing what you are for some time too. (Sorry for the crappy english, not my first language) Most of the time, i don't really "feel" my emotions, but i think it's also self-confidence related.

I, too, don't feel much in the Sub-navel (energy reserve) and lower chakra (around genital and them too..) so i guess this can be related.

What i think is that it's really an energetic and long term problem. Meaning the emotions (you will no more be a Data or Spock double) will go to the surface of your consciousness one you'll be ready. I see the fact that you'r not feeling much energy in these lower chakra is a blockage, so, try the etheric wrap, mega salt bath or anything that can cause the energy to flow naturally.

Now, the mental side, you have to let you go to try to feel yourself, physically first, then the rest in time. Try auto-suggestion and auto hypnosis each night before sleeping by example, or simply in day light, whatever you'r doing; try to feel what are your feelings. You can use a watch that will beep every hour to do these exercices each time it beep..

well, good luck.

18th September 2005, 09:02 PM
Thanks for responding so quick.

I think I should have added a little more on the problem I had.
I'm pretty well capable of feeling emotions, I've been working on recovering that part of me since I was 18yo. I only tend to shut them down every now and then when it eather doesnt help me get from a to b, while there is no other option then to go from a to b, or in a situation where I feel someone doesnt need to know them.

Other then that I can freely experience them.

On a side note, I used to do Tai Chi, till budget issues forced me to stop. Yin style, and 13 Tai Chi Sword. I still try to practise tho, even tho 3 kids make that kinda hard to find the time or the quitness I seem to need to keep focused.

Other physical excersize is hard, since I have a few back problems preventing me from doing things like running and a regular work out.

What would an etheric wrap be ? And I thought the salt bath was to loose unwanted energy's ?

Thanx for the prompt reply's,


18th September 2005, 09:18 PM
The etheric wrap is a part of NEW; it is a specific tactile image. The idea is to imagine wrapping a cloth bandage around the affected areas, like you would wrap a cloth bandage around a sprained joint.

The mega salt bath is good for removing all unwanted energy. A blockage can often be excessive energy that is not flowing and by just being there it is keeping energy from going where it needs to. By removing the excess stuck energy you can increase the total amount of energy.

It still sounds like it is just going to take time to get every part of your energy system to respond. It sounds like good news that so much of your energy system is already working well. As for the areas that are not responding as well, the best thing to do is to go through the motions and convince yourself that they are working no matter how little they seem to be doing.

18th September 2005, 09:24 PM
The etheric wrap is a part of NEW; it is a specific tactile image. The idea is to imagine wrapping a cloth bandage around the affected areas, like you would wrap a cloth bandage around a sprained joint.

Thanx for explaining that... I think I'll read the manual from cover to cover before proceding with the exercizes first now. Keeps me from asking questions that get explained there :)

Few questions about the bath:

- Will north-sea salt do ?
- Any etheric oil supplements that I could use as well ?
- Is the idear to practise NEW in that bath ? Or just soak there for an hour or so ?

Tanks again,


18th September 2005, 09:41 PM
North Sea salt would be perfect. Even cheap salt from ther store without added iodide is good enough. Sea salt is much better. The purpose of soaking in the salt water is to have the intent that it will carry away blockages and any negative energy you are ready to let go of. From what I've heard, it sounds like the North Sea is very powerful and good at tearing things down and carrying them away. That should be enough to do rather than mixing it with NEW while you soak. If you want to increase the effect, you can alternate letting go of unwanted energy with strengthening the intent that the water is carring away blockages.

The use of oils is something I'm not very good at. This will have to wait for someone who is. I don't want to seem like I'm ignoring the question.

18th September 2005, 09:45 PM
Thanks for clearing things up and helping out. One last question I forgot to ask, how much salt am I going to use ? 1 Kg (translates to 2.2 lb.) ? more ? less ?


18th September 2005, 10:31 PM
Robert Bruce has instructions online:
http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials ... etinID=562 (http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials/?BoardID=10&BulletinID=562)

"Salt has been used in healing for centuries to treat respiratory illnesses, fevers, wounds, and skin diseases. Also, energy healers have recommended salt baths to help cleanse negative energy from people’s aura. Usually only a few tablespoons or cups are used for such baths. However, we have recently discovered that salt baths can help people with serious negative entity attachment or possession problems. The difference is much more salt is required. This tutorial discusses how to prepare a mega salt bath and the value of salt for people suffering from serious negative energy or entity problems."

The web site has some ideas that are very interesting and unfamiliar to me. It was worth looking up and reading.

19th September 2005, 05:53 PM
Well, I did the MegaSalt bath today.

A few things that might be of interest: My bath is a little too small for me, so I need to pull my legs up a bit.

I never like to be in a bath for longer then 15/30 minutes.

I put 4kg's of Sea Salt in there, 2 on the bottom on towels, and 2 over me, and tried to relax with some brainwave entrainment added to mozart in the background. I stayed in there for 1 hour and when I got out I got the most visious headache you can think of. Went to bed, woke up 3 hours later and thought I'd share this info.

Other then that I noticed nothing, except for the wondering smile on the face of the woman at the store, when I bought 4 kg's of salt.



19th September 2005, 09:16 PM
Hahah, Did you not expect the strange smile :P

Well, I don't think you'd be able to tell how effective it was until you start practicing energy raising and stuff again. I've never had much success with it, but some people have, so it's at least worth the shot, who knows, maybe it just fixed something small that was hindering you and now you'll start improving.

Best wishes and hopes,

19th September 2005, 09:21 PM
Still not much luck on the energy work, but as I read in another topic, this might be a transition phase, where things are moving, but I'm not noticing it.