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19th September 2005, 03:10 AM
Hi... I am interrested in doing some energy work and attempting to do astral projection...i can see auras and that sort, but when i attempt NEW i believe that i am having blockages all over my body or the possibility that i am doing the whole thing wrong. I am only 14 and my question is that Is it possible to have blockages all over while being only 14 and still young and healthy?

20th September 2005, 01:15 AM
I do energy healing all the time, and I have found that it is rare for a person to not have lots of energy blockages dispite their age. If you didn't have minor blockages all over I would be very surprised.
Older people simply have had more time to accumulate even more, deeper blocks which get rooted into set habitual life patterns. This is sometimes compounded by Negitive entity attatchments or if the person themselves have unconcsiously attatched their energy in too many exterior directions (like to money or bad relationships).

I suspect that your blockages are of a superficial nature; the kind which could be totally washed away with a couple of energy healing treatments (like from reiki) or a few weeks of NEW practice (or similar chi kung style excersize). If the problems were too serious they would have effected your general health by now.

So don't worry, and practice your energy wash technique until things clear up. You should take it as a good sign that you are sensitive enough to feel these minor blockages :-)

Remember, this is a life long process.

20th September 2005, 01:41 AM
Hi Blade,

Do you sit in a chair a lot? I believe that a sedentary lifestyle will damage your physical body, and thus cause blockages both physical and energetic since the two are such mirrors of each other. I would recommend that you continue with NEW, because it's really a wonderful system of energetic development, but also consider getting some good physical exercise, like running/jogging and some light weights, and good stretching.

Of course, if you already lead a somewhat athletic lifestyle nevermind this, and most likely continuing your NEW practice will help drastically. I do not think by any means that 14 is a young age to have blockages, because the only way to avoid blockages is to lead a truly healthy lifestyle, and the most important thing to that is being true to yourself. Most societies have a norm of how you should live your life, and you abandon your true inclinations to fit in with the rest. This sort of thing would begin far before the age of 14. Be glad you became interested in this sort of development so early though, because in all likelyhood you're healthy enough to rebound very quickly and gain a lot of spiritual wisdom and power.