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8th May 2007, 08:17 PM
To avoid derailment, I split this topic- Originally in Energy Work.CF.

Just out of curiosity, what were some of the powers you had, hasalameth? Are they still with you today?

8th May 2007, 09:17 PM
Just out of curiosity, what were some of the powers you had, hasalameth? Are they still with you today?

*reads the post through again and thinks*

It is hard to explain it all in words since it just "existed" there, someone explained it to me that you can sort of learn stuff over several life-times and bring it with you into the next life, picking up the work where it started... I really don't like to call them "powers" since they easily can turn into weaknesses, in various ways and aspects.

But what happened after my puberty, something I would call a mental or spiritual puberty came in, "awakening" could be a fitting term, but I use the term "awakening" for a lot of other stuff too so then again labels labels labels - they create confusion!

It generally means to have high EQ and the social ability to understand others' feelings and problems, I have always had this, I was like a child-advisor to even grown ups all around me lol, a 7 year old preacher explaining to a 45 year old couple where they went wrong and where misunderstanding and lack of communication started killing their relationship :lol:
But then there is another meaning for the term "empathy", it is in a quite litteral sense to be able to feel other's emotions, varying from the people in your physcal surroundings but also over long distances. This can be very useful if you work as a shrink or in any situation where understanding of a fellow person and his/her actions is needed = "power", but there were many times that this spinned out of control, and I couldn't really think straight since I was bombarded with a lot of foreign feelings, and it always turned out to be right. Many people sort of found that creepy, because they were so shocked when I reacted to a feeling they really hadn't put in words or tried to express in any way. In the middle of a conversation with someone on the phone, I could all of a sudden shift into a completely random subject, and go on and on about that, without any obvious reasons, and seconds later someone would knock my door and ask me or tell me about the exakt same thing suddenly shifted to. = extreme weakness, since it can be so overwhelming when your defenses are down, being in a crowd is really chaothic at times.

Sort of borders to the above. I could answer to questions before they were asked by people, I could always "smell" a lie etc etc, again making me quite a "fishy" person. I could have like fifteen instant messenger chatboxes up, keeping track of all the threads in the discussions and reply super fast, because I could predict the response and writing of the other person. Fun at first, painful and chaotic when spinned out of control.

Super sensitive to energy
I was like a "accelerator" of energy. Put me in a happy crowd and I would be extatic and bouncing of the walls, put me near a negative and pissed off person and I would become a monster. Again, useful / painful.

All kinds of subtle energy-manipulation stuff
Attracting attention by sheer will, I would sort of imagine calling or drawing attention from people across the street and something within them would respond and they would look at me. Ok I know I look good and stuff (haha ego talking, not Me ;) ) but there were so many times people turned their heads seemingly just because I wanted them to.
Also the exact opposite of the above, sort of making myself "invisible" in the sense that I cloud and sync my energy to the surroundings, I didn't really know what I did, I just tried to stop all mental activity, never looked people straight into the eyes and if anything, thought "I am invisible, I do not exist", and people would just not see me. This was great for scaring the ♥♥♥♥ out of friends, I could just lean on a tree two or three meters from a group of friends, they would go "hey where did X go?" and I would enjoy watching them looking all around the place and after a while I would just scream "HERE I AM!" and they would jump haha. Clarification: I did not "become invisible", I merely saw to it that my aura didn't attract much attention or take up much space. The feeling when in that state is really very special, all of a sudden you feel like "nothing", like you are just an observer of the world.

Physical senses going super wild
This was the weirdest stuff somehow. My hearing went totally super sensitive. No jokes - I could hear what was going on like three appartements away from my appartement. In the classroom (all this happened around the age of 16/17), I could clearly hear someone say "hey could I borrow an pencil?" and I would turn around with the pencil in my hand, only to realise the person who asked that sat all the way across the classroom and wasn't even asking me. This was pretty amazing, since I could eavesdrop almost any conversation and still stand super far away. But the downside was that I couldn't shut it off, so I would lay awake all night and listen to every tiny sound in my room, in the street, in my house, water running through the pipes, subtle wind blowing outside in the street... = weakness.
Sight - stronger than before nightvision kicked in. no real downside with this, except that sunlight became a real painful experience, still does to this day, but a couple of nice shades solves that problem neatly.
Touch - riding in a car was amazing since I could feel everytiny bumb on the road, and really feel the movement in a complete sense.
Smell - when I was hungry, I could smell food from far far away, also I was always the firs to detect the smell of smoke in the air, I could tell if someone was a smoker easily and so on. Not much downsides here.
Taste - this was problematic. Drinks with citric acids and spicy food messed me up completely, as when I before could eat anything without any problems. An allergy to chili appeared out of nowhere. This sucked ass since I really enjoy eating food :(

I realized this post is long already, and I will spare you the rest, the more "far-out" stuff that includes feeling that I am one with all the Universe, every time I moved I felt all the strings that connected me to Everything move with me, the weird dreams all that stuff...

Important part - I do not know what triggered all of this, but I sure as hell didn't enjoy it after a while, when it went out of control. I suffered from quite severe moodswings, being hyper and active one day, and super low and depressed the next day, still a (according to me) well-needed visit to the shrink showed no particular signs of mental illness and similar. When I come to think of it, I spent a lot of time in the hospital since I sort of "crashed" during a training thing in gymnastics, my heart just wouldn't stop beating super fast, and I went very cold, which freaked the school nurse out totally, so she sent me to the hospital where they kept me for like 20 hours, doing all kinds of tests because they were SO SURE there was something wrong with my heart (it showed some strange irregularities on the EKG), but all tests except for the EKG showed nothing. Still I had to do check-ups for like two months. When I read in MAP that RB's son once manipulated the heart chakra in order to generate super weird results on a EKG scanning in class, I sort of realized what could have happened. All the "change" I was going through even showed up on human technology devices. A visit to some healers / readers (I was never really into all the new age stuff, that was like a last resort to still the chaos), they said (amongst other interesting things), that they felt the tip of a mountin crack through the surface of who I thought I was, a giant uncontrollable mountain that grew and pushed upwards. I guess that was all my latent "powers" and whatever they came from - entering my life.

But it was hell, and after a while I decided to "put the lid back on", in order to take care of my real life - grades, women, friends, music etc. Since then, I have been carefully unwrapping whatever's within me. Practicing OBE was an attempt to approach those parts of me through the ways of the astral.

Anyone else experienced an "awakening" like this?

(I will read through the post in order to cut it down and make it more relevant, but I post in now so you can comment on it blacktiger)

[EDIT1: adding ♥♥♥♥ to nocturnal sleep pattern, for no obvious reason at all, I would by hyper, alert, calm and balanced during the night hours, especially from 0am to 4am, and automatically very zombie like in the day. when I would pass out for no reason, I also lost body heat, the pulse went low and I went to a very coma-like state, when someone woke me up I would be sharp and alert and ask "what's going on, I am just taking a nap lol", and they would jokingly go "heh, I thought you were dead dude". This is not at all a "power" but it was a part of all that stuff that jumped out of.. Well I don't really know where it came from. Another "skill" I started playing around with was PK or TK (the ability to move things with your mind), but I pretty much trained it up, macro-pk: making dices and seemingly random stuff as carddecks give me the desired results (the success rates were pretty high I tell you), and micro-pk: moving tiny stuff using the mind, such as the infamous psi-wheel]

I hope that answered your question. Heh.

8th May 2007, 10:39 PM
Very cool. Thanks for sharing all that. I have never thought about trying the technique that got people to notice you, but it seems I'm an expert at getting people to not notice me at all. I have been practicing this technique since 3rd grade. I just pretend I'm melting into the earth, along with a few other visual images. When we are outside for recess playing football, if I want to be unnoticed, no one will pass me the ball. When we get inside, some people ask me if I stayed inside. The invisbile technique helps me when I forgot my homework, which is my guess why I haven't got a detention yet in my life :lol: Even my teacher thinks I was absent somedays. :!: Have you ever tried the invisible technique to hide your emotions as well? I also find this exetremely useful. But I have to be careful not to put this on too long, or else when I want to be noticed, I won't.
I sympathize for you when you describe your physical sense going wild. I would go crazy if that happened to me!
As for awakenings, I've experienced two. One was the awakening of courage within me to develope any abilities I had. The first one also awakened this feeling where I was drawn to anything spiritual and metaphysical.
The second one I had 3 months ago, trying to find what love really is. It has proved vital and has played a key role on how I see anything that is relationship related. This was much more powerful than the first, and created such a peaceful sense in me that I didn't argue with my bro for weeks. I find that with every awakening my 'abilities' grow stronger. I believe that this is because during each awakening, the chakras are stimulated and filled with light.
Thanks for sharing your experiences! :)

9th May 2007, 05:42 AM
NO problem, thank you for asking! Hey perhaps the whole crystal child will make sense to you the same way it does to me, taking it that we are both similar in many weird ways:

about crystal children (http://www.crystalchildren.com/authors/jackson_sharyl_cne_attributes.htm)

It's really wicked crazy sick that EVERY SINGLE ONE on that list applies to me super much. And this is not my ego playing a trick on me, every family member of friend that has read through that list have went "oh my god X, this page is like about you personally" and similar. Except that I am pretty out-ward, I sometimes feel addicted to spending time with people, completely random or close friends doesn't matter since I really need the mental, social and (sometimes) physical stimulation ;)

Also, when I read through that list, something deep inside of me sort of shivers and comes to life, something slumbering wakes up and everything becomes crystal clear ;)

What to make of it though, I do not know.

***more "abilities" to add to the list***

The whole soulgaizing thing - (as described here: [url="http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?t=7147&highlight=eye+eye+connection"]http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewto ... connection (http://forums.astraldynamics.com/viewtopic.php?t=7147&highlight=eye+eye+connection)[url]).

And this pretty much summerized it "when a crystal looks into your eyes, you feel like they have penetrated your very soul, having laid it out for them to see" or something like that (from the crystal child list).

Time-shift ability
Ok, this will sound super weird, but if I just think stuff through and move systematically, time can pretty much slow down and what would take me a minute takes me a second, what would take me an hour takes less than half the time. I do not really know what causes this time-bending, but it's useful and usually freaks people out. "HEY! weren't you over there like a second ago! how the hell did you manage to do that so quick?" :lol:

9th May 2007, 08:36 PM
Wow. This is amazing. Every single one of those things applies to me, except that I have only suffered one very short depression! Water is my favorite out of the elements and I have always loved it. And, ofcourse, animals are my life! Do 'Crystal' genes run in the family, inhereited? Or do they come from how advanced you are spiritually? One more question: Did your eyes completely change color starting around 10 and gradually changing until about 12? My eye color used to be blue, and now it is sorta white green. I'd post a picture of it, but it doesn't seem to be working. I bring this up because ever since they have changed, people get uncomfortable when I glance at them...

9th May 2007, 08:54 PM
I knew it!! :D Join the club dude!!! :lol: Yeah I have had only one depression too, it came just after all the "abilities" bombarded me, I guess it's pretty much a cause - effect reaction. Since then I have been very careful, seeing signs of incoming "downs" and avoiding them in time.

No, my eyes are dark brown / black, but in the sunlight they are sort of golden brown with black "spots" in them, not much unlike an animal's. My eyecolor supposedly shifts nuances according to mood, but this has just been observed by others, so I can not comment on it really. I rarely look myself in the mirror when I am mad... :) Some say my eyes reflect light in the darkl, some even claim my eyes "shine" by them selves by reflecting the light, in the same way as a cat's eyes do, but not to that degree. I guess this would explain my nightvision. Hm. What else. A friend of mine claims my skin gets more pale and that I get sort of a greyish "feel" to me when in sunlight, but don't think that is the case, if so, it probably just has something to do with skin pigment.

Any other crystals hiding out there? 8)

10th May 2007, 12:00 PM
I'm going to tag on and say my eyes went from deep, deep brown to green and have settled into hazel over the years. My friends used to always tease me because when I was thinking about or around one I loved romantically, my eyes would go to an emerald-y green.

I'm not sure if I'm Indigo or Crystal... Call me a Crystalline Indigo. ;)

10th May 2007, 12:30 PM
Cool that makes three of us :)

Yeah, there is some information that is a bit confusing. Apparently, the crystals have only been incarnating from like year 2000 and so on, so if I am one that wouldn't make any sense... Until I found this: "(...) There are some crystals that have arrived earlier, either walk-ins or chosen to be born here, in order to see to it that the world becomes a safe place for the new children to arrive". Perhaps I am one of them then, a "crystal adult".

I do share a lot of similarities with the Indigos too, but not to the 100% factor as with the crystals.

Also, it is said here and there that crystals may develop communicating skills - writing / reading / speaking a bit late in life since they are said to communicate so well telepathically, but that was not what happened with me, I learned to read and write very very early in life. As for my telepathic skill as a kiddo, I do not remember...

crystals @ AD - come out, come out, wherever you are!! :D

10th May 2007, 12:52 PM
Now, now. I would need to do more research to claim the crystal title. Some talking with another person has lead to theories of me being quite a few different things. I have to do some research for myself.

10th May 2007, 01:56 PM
Now, now. I would need to do more research to claim the crystal title. Some talking with another person has lead to theories of me being quite a few different things. I have to do some research for myself.

yeah, as with all labels, I think some cover a part, some cover a huge part, but there isn't really anyone that will cover the whole uniqueness that is You. good luck, tell me how it goes. I sort of have to check up on the crystal stuff myself.

10th May 2007, 07:34 PM
Wow, it's intersting that you say that crystals develope academic skills late. I was literally in all the special workshops for learning until about 1st grade. Then something kicked in. Know I'm like in the advanced groups. My family nor any of my tutors could find any logical explanation for this...

10th May 2007, 10:04 PM
What are the indigos?

10th May 2007, 10:08 PM
What are the indigos? You are serious, aren't you? :shock:

I added it to the AD Pedia and added more links for further reading.

11th May 2007, 01:20 AM
Hmm... Well reading both of those posts I really don't buy into the whole thing. Especially when they say that 85% of people born in '92 are like this. THAT'S MY GENERATION, and I'm telling that it's not true, a lot of people are not like that. So if one fact that I can verify are correct then I have a strong feeling that all of this is incorrect, or a large amount of it. But anyway, what do I know?

11th May 2007, 01:24 AM
I like the idea but it is quite the ego stroke, isn't it?

11th May 2007, 01:46 AM
Yes, it is. It almost seems like a parental excuse to me, "My child doesn't have ADD, no, he's an INDIGO child."

Or, "My child isn't shy, he's a CRYSTAL child."

11th May 2007, 01:53 AM
Yes but you have to realize that today's society tends to pathologize qualities that are good in children- curiosity, intensity, joie de vivre. And parents don't want to bother to pay attention to their children, so they label them and medicate them, because then they don't have to bother. This isn't the truth in all instances, but I know it is in at least one instance that I know of personally. So I think labeling a smart and energetic child "indigo" is a lot healthier than "ADD" and pacify them with drugs.
And also, we seem to come with the preconceived notion that people should only be able to do one thing at a time (that linear perspective), when our children come equipped to do more than one thing at a time. The result is the pathologizing of brilliance.

But enough of my rant. I've got to go to bed.

11th May 2007, 09:52 AM
Flash_hound, I can understand that it's easy to judge everything as fake and dreams if you yourself aren't one, but flip the coin, I have no need at all to pretend that I am someone I'm not, neither has my parents (highest grades, good-looking, musician, multi talanted [conceited...] etc), still, 100% of the things on the crystal links match, and just to sort of point me in the right direction with an arrow big as an obelisque, something deep within me starts shivering and shaking of joy for "realizing" what I could possibly be, many questions become answered and in turn new questions arrive.

So, if I find the crystal thing to be correct, do I believe that everything is true? No. As always, with any kind of information, coming from anywhere, you have to sort out Truth, Lies, Manipulation and Misunderstanding.

CFT - I agree. For ages have we actively fought and an manipulated what we did not understand. "Earth is flat, death to everyone who dares say otherwise". I think those actions are based on fear and pure laziness. It's easier to call it all a disease, than to go deep and really start investigating. But I guess there's a time and place for everything... :roll:

11th May 2007, 11:05 AM
I'd have to agree with Flash_hound partly on this one. The percent of estimated indigos are totally wrong, (unless I just happen to be hanging out with 15% that aren't indigos) Most people just don't exhibit crystalline or indigo qualities. I guess that's what makes them easy to pick out, though.

11th May 2007, 01:36 PM
If I were to take a guess I'd say they got their percentages on the basis of how many ADD/ADHD kids have been labeled, and just called it something else. On a lighter side, I read (when my son was an infant) that the human infant has already evolved perceptively ahead of infants in the last 50 years, as the usual benchmarks for development have been moved up. Apparently newborns are 'looking at you' when they didn't 50 years ago, babies are sitting up a full 2 months before they used to, etc. This has been attributed to nutritional improvement in developed countries, but was quickly disproved as development in infants has accelerated uniformly throughout the world, regardless of where.
So there is something to an evolving humanity, and children being born more 'aware', something that has been measured and discovered to be true by traditional science. As to what it is, that's the question.
I hope this wasn't too confusing because I mentioned two different things, but in my mind they come together.

11th May 2007, 02:04 PM
CFTraveler- That's very interesting that you bring that up, I haven't heard that before and I think it is very interesting. Maybe it is due to the higher concentration of people and thus they see what other people are doing and mimic it, and since they see more people doing it they attempt to do it faster?
I don't know, it could just be all these indigo children :wink: .

Hasalameth- I'm not denying that you yourself posseses powers similar to this description. But I am thinking that they (without knowing) took a list of traits of a "psychic" or people with "psychic powers" (I prefer to think of them as energetical), and labeled them as crystal children. In that persons description in your post Hasalameth, s/he mentions that s/he has a child who is a "Crystal Child" and she would most closely relate it to autism. This in my opinion shows a waited opinion, if I had to make a guess I would say this person has a mildly autistic child, judged there traits and labeled it as crystal. Now I'm not calling you autistic, or even denying that you have a lot of these traits. But these traits to me just sound like a caring, and energetically sensitive human being, which I think you are.

Another interesting thing is that out of the 3 first people to post in this thread all three basically considered themselves one of these crystal children. I know that when I read a list of of positive traits I'll start to immediatly recognize them in myself. I think everyone has small parts of each trait, "Empathetic to animals..." "...well love my dog so..." Do you see what I am saying? It'd be very difficult to identify someone as a crystal child, or an indigo child because you would so easily see those traits in your self.

So basically in summary I think there may be a certain cast of empathetic, innocent, energetically sensitive (which actually would go into hand since if your innocent your energy hasn't been blocked by the energy of emotions.) That both black tiger and Hasalameth may be one of. I don't know if they were born this way, or if it was in their upbrining, but they are like that and that is AWESOME. I just don't know if I could so easily label people a reincarnation of a "race" of psychically sensitive people.

Sorry if I offended anyone!

11th May 2007, 09:05 PM
Great posts guys!

Flash_hound no no you didn't offend (at least not me), not at all. I agree with a lot you write, I always preach about how you should take everything and add a pinch of salt (or however the English expression goes), how the power of placebo and wishing that you are something you're not can easily take control of your mind / life... But I wouldn't talk so much about this is I didn't feel it was 100% true for me. My filters for "true / not true", "me / so not me" have been trained and refined for as long as I live hehe, and the crystal stuff bypassed everything, except for what you mentioned too:

I am not in any way autistic. :roll:

I am not born in that generation.

I did not develop academic skill later, on the other hand, I developed them way earlier than the other kids around me.

So, the thing here is that I don't really care if I am crystal or not, I just feel like there is a lot to that label, and I would probably gain from exploring that side of me. This is how I see it: If there is anything to it and I am crystal / starseed = I guess I will get my calling and realize everything in the right time and place anyway, if not - I will learn from experience and just evolve anyway. You learn from your mistakes :).

I know that when I read a list of of positive traits I'll start to immediatly recognize them in myself. I think everyone has small parts of each trait, "Empathetic to animals..." "...well love my dog so..."

That's the deal here. This "factor" applies to many things, commercial astrology is a perfect example, every zodiac has some positive traits (ofc us leos have the best ones ;) ) and we humans are so complex that of course we have some of these traits, or at least want to think that we have the traits, and thus believe in it.

This is so very different this time.

I guess words can not express what happens inside of me when reading about all this. I have read a lot of spacey and far-out stuff on the net, but nothing has affected me so deeply as the crystal stuff. I do not feel as I have "small parts of each trait", I do strongly feel that those traits can be used to point out strong charachteristics in me. This can be verified by the people who know me, that's why I believe it is not just in my head. Example, on a list of traits it says "likes the color red a lot", most of the people go "well I like red, it's warm and the color of love, I have a red shirt or two somewhere" while a minority will stop for a while, look around themselves and see that the walls are painted red, the furnitiure is red, their entire warderobe is filled with red clothing, and quotes of people saying "haha, you are so obsessed by the color red" replay inside your head. See where I am going with this?

CFT - Cool! It would be aswesome if you could provide some links with the statistics, although I will google it too. thanks!

11th May 2007, 09:16 PM
F_H wrote: CFTraveler-
That's very interesting that you bring that up, I haven't heard that before and I think it is very interesting. Maybe it is due to the higher concentration of people and thus they see what other people are doing and mimic it, and since they see more people doing it they attempt to do it faster?
I don't know, it could just be all these indigo children . Newborns? I don't think so. These are developmental milestones for infants through the world, not characteristics of schoolchildren. (I'm not sure of what studies can/have been done on that.) But, I'm not sure why evolution wouldn't account for that, other than the lack of survival-improving characteristics- but who knows?
Hasal- I have no links because these were actual books I read (from the library) (child development books) when my son was a baby. But I'm sure there has to be something on the net about this, apart from the 'alternative health science' movements.

11th May 2007, 10:01 PM
My thoughts are pretty much what hasalameth said. Except that I was born a little closer in that generation and I did develope my academic skills later than anyone in my class. I don't know 100% if I am crystal, but, as hasalameth says, something inside me just calls out.
I don't know anyones opinion on this, but some of my internet sources say that some children/adults that were born indigo may change slowly into a crystal. But, there is alot in a label. But if you look at everyone in the world, you will see that some changes have definately taken place, in a spiritual way. I've only been here 13 years and I've already seen somethings that I see as new and different.
Blessed Be, everyone!

11th May 2007, 10:04 PM
CF: Ok, I'll go out for another nocturnal hunt for information in the wild wild web :)

BT: Good, then I'm not insane, or should I say, not alone in being insane ;)