View Full Version : Should nI doubt or be disappointed?

29th June 2020, 11:56 PM
I just realized I need a different type of computer with CD rom function to listen to the Brainwave Generator in MAP. Is this neeeded and/or a deteriment to effort in vain, or will I succeed with just the text and exercises? I wonder and ask has anyone succeeded without listening and reading only? I won't give up because of not being able to listen, yet I will continue. It's like I have an engram telling me I can't achieve witthout it, so please at least give me a yes or no to go by. Perhaps I will ask Jesus to help me. Have a blessed day! Good luck to all aspiring astral projectors.

1st July 2020, 07:37 PM
What I have done is replacing some of the beginner presets with youtube binaurals of the same frequency, and I made my own video (which is on youtube) for the one exercise in which you hear beeps and 'stop' thinking (mind taming.). The presets are optional, but sometimes they enhance the practice, especially if you're starting out new. Let me know if you want the link to the mind taming exercise.