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8th March 2021, 12:21 PM
Greetings. After coming across "Astral Dynamics" by Robert Bruce, and being really impressed by how detailed it all is, I decided to google him to see what I'll find. And here I am!

I have been trying so hard to Astral Project, and not succeeding. Then I came across Michael Raduga on youtube and I got really excited about his methods. But after four weeks of trying I am stumped.

I thought maybe there was something wrong with me. Maybe 29 years of depression has weakened my spirit too much? Maybe it's the autism? I don't know.
I can be pretty sure though that my spiritual health is most likely not very good at all. So maybe it's that.

But that is why I wish to Astral Project! It's been my dream since I was 16 years old, and I think I need it.

I also came across Robert Bruce's "New Energy Ways"? It sounds really good, but unfortunately it's not very visual. So it's going to be difficult for me to understand. I really need that visual component. Nevertheless, I will try to read it in the hopes of implementing it into my Spiritual Health routine. I am also hoping this will improve my chances of Astral Projecting consciously.

I don't know how to search for this so I will just ask here - is there anyone here from Australia in the Mid North Coast? It would be nice to meet people who have the same interests as me. And perhaps we can practice together. Help each other out.
If I, no, when I succeed in Astral Projection, it will most likely be a lifelong passion and purpose for me. I literally have nothing else going for me in this life.

I also enjoy doing art. I'm not very good whatsoever, but I enjoy it! I love "line & wash" mostly, but I also enjoy graphite, oil pastels and watercolour.

I am very interested in the Astral Realms. What natural wildlife is like, I'd like to meet Nature Spirits, other planets, astral technology (is there such a thing?) and hopefully a larger group of friends.

I believe that every human being has the right to free will and liberty, as long as they harm none. I believe a person can become enlightened and empowered without any need to hurt or disempower others.

With Love, WhiteFyre.


8th March 2021, 03:53 PM
Wecome WhiteFyre,

I also discovered the work of Robert Bruce after reading many books on Astral Projection and then came accross his book, which was dramatically more accurate and detailed. I have since been able to verify the truth of most of the things written in the book from direct personal experience.

Have you seen Robert's free energy work primer videos? These videos might help you with the energy work. I have put a link below:


Best Wishes


9th March 2021, 09:28 AM
Thanks Jexx. Do you know if there's a youtube version, that doesn't need to go through the cart thing? Or on this forum perhaps?


9th March 2021, 09:38 AM
Hi WhiteFyre,

I dont know of any other sources of these videos. I had to go through the Cart mechanism, but my card was not charged. On the up side, the videos were added to an account that I could log into and view them via.

It seems that the standard cart mechanism is used so that all of the other benefits, like a video watching account and support get created.

Best Wishes


9th March 2021, 11:34 AM
Welcome, just thought I'd say hello as I'm also from the land of Oz, although I'm about 20 years older (physically that is... only as old as you feel right? hah)

I started by learning lucid dreaming first, but I was lucky in this regard as I was self-taught at very early age just stumbled across it after having recurring nightmares as a child. I didn't discover it was called lucid dreaming until much later in life, and by then I had been doing it on a regular basis quite frequently and naturally. Once I discovered it was called lucid dreaming, I tried all the techniques to improve it even further, and then found out about astral projection and started trying that.

I'm telling you this because, in my experience lucid dreaming is easier to achieve and can work as a stepping stone for astral projection. Also, if you are more of a visual learner there are lucid dreaming techniques aimed towards this such as the VILD technique (visually induced lucid dream). Once you can do lucid dreaming, then it's just a matter of using an AP technique from the lucid dream state, and being more familiar with the dream state will go a long way in trying to achieve astral projection.

Anyway, best of luck!