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Aunt Clair
23rd July 2007, 09:29 AM
I . RTZ OBE w/ mind split

I woke early at 4 am due to my meds wearing off and being in intense pain so I came out to the study to work on my book .My husband was going away for business and he rose early too . After he showered he helped me back to bed , I took more meds and was drifting back to sleep when the taxi rocked up .

I projected out of my body to the rooftop but could not see the cab . Suddenly I was in it . I thought it strange that all I saw was the gas pedals . I looked up and saw the cabbie's jeans . Then he got out of the cab to help my husband and I heard the boot close shut . The car was backing down the driveway and I felt excited to be riding while projecting .

I tried to sit down in the cab but I could not . I tried to see my husband but I could not . I saw instead the lock on the door the steering wheel and the window . I realised that I was floating on the ceiling of the cab facing the front seat . So I tried to split consciousness .

I saw an image of myself in the roof of the car looking like metal as if I was floating up out of it and I realised I was barely hanging in the car . Suddenly I realised the cab had a sort of filter or shield and I was not an invited passenger . So I thought if I sit upon my husband's lap then I will be in an allowed space . I thought of him , linked to him and sat down .

He seemed surprised and anxious . He shifted his weight . I was bounced and came back to my body .

I thought since I was tranced and relaxed , I would give it another go . I brought up energy and was laying there when I suddenly projected violently . I had planned to vibe out legs to chest and come off my back , but I bounced out of my head instead I came out with such force that it felt as if my feet actually kicked my skull .

I know that it was only my energy body feet but it was the sensation was like a physical one . I realised that I was in a deep trance and my body was completely in paralysis . I could not wiggle a finger . Yet I was sort of stuck in my head still , lol . Then I thought to just come out slowly thru the same exit the rest of the energy body had made . And as I came out my face started vibing up . And I sort of plopped onto the floor wet and heavy . I was astonished this was not a projection form I was used to at all .

In the mental body I am either a mini me air element energy body or a golden seed of light . In the Astral Double body I am a pink or rose coloured silhouette of my higher self appearing about 28 years old . But both forms were very light compared to this heavy one . This was more like the etheric giant projection only wet energy . This was very different .

Curious to see what I looked like I tried to walk to the mirror . But the form was very heavy and I had to sort of slide my feet dragging self slowly across my room . I looked in the mirror and could only see the room in indigo . Everything was a shade of blue . I wondered what it would look like to see in the mirror . I got a vision of a sand mold and saw my face inside out , lol .

The bathroom looked lighter shades of blue and gray .I walked to my bathroom mirror where the sunlight had come in and saw that my face looked like myself today ! That is , my hair was my current style and I looked like a 50 year old woman instead of the higher self face . I was amazed . I have been trying for years to project in skin colour and I finally did it . But I looked down at my hands and they were see through so I am still not quite there yet . I split consciousness and bi located so I could see my body . I was just like I am today except I had on a long dress.

As I was looking at myself , I fell back into my body and it seemed like falling backwards through a thin layer of water . I saw this akashic skin that I fell through which felt like water and shimmered like a mirror . As I came into the body I felt my face begin to itch like crazy . I had the cobweb effect worse than ever .

1st August 2007, 12:33 AM
Hi Aunt Clair,

Thats an interesting observation- and raises more insights for me.

I myself always (when a traditionally exit) seem to find myself in the "heavy body" with skin colour you mention. I thought this was normal especially in the RTZ etc- I do feel like i have a lighter body sometimes, but the lightest i feel is about the same as the physical dimension-the heaviest like heavy water- and it feels like you are made of water or moving through it. On the same note, in the RTZ etc I always appear the same as I do on this plane when i look in the mirror ( my room has a great big mirror in it-so I usually exit and see myself each time). Most of the time upon exit I will find myself with the same colours and the physical plane-though approximately 40% of the time this will change to blues and indigos as you mention, other times yellows etc- and another thing I have noticed is sometimes the light fades to like and evening tint as though the sun was setting, even though on the physical plane its bright and sunny.

In the other planes I havent had much of a chance to look in the mirror. Though in one instance, I found myself in a house somewhere and got to look in the mirror and I looked the same as the physical plane. I looked in the mirror for a good few minutes poking and prodding my face to see if it was stay-and it did. The interesting thing with this experience was that I was contacted by what I perceived to be an indian/hindu deity. As I was walking through the house, I saw a mobile phone on the bench which started to ring. I picked it up (in later travels i started answering it and found it was being used as a inter dimensional contact device to contact me-guides etc) and held it up to a staircase to what i figured was the bedroom so the people asleep could hear i and come answer it. Anyway I figured the guides went to plan b and an old indian guy, comes happily down a tight stair case ushering me up to his abode. The room was full of pictures of deitys, white elephants (no idea what thats about-do study Hindu mysticism or anything) and all types of strange ornaments. He seemed a very nice old man, very welcoming, and we both sat down on his big arm chairs and we had a chat. He seemed to know me very well, and we had a happy conversation. I cant remember him giving me any access to "higher knowledge". But I dont think that was the point. He showed my all I needed to know to develop further- in the form of his warmness, and love towards me. And I think thats the genius behind the lessons we receive-experience is the lesson-your insights into the messages the experience provides is the key to the development. The Mundane becomes magical-through the wonder multiple awareness of the same situation.

Dyah :)

1st August 2007, 12:41 AM
Also, in regards to appearances on the other planes- I feel they must be changing all the time- Ive seen myself in higher self form from outside looking at myself. But also, I have had one of my guides say that I had reverted back to my Neanderthal self- of which I responded "what! I look like a monkey!"- and my guide just grinned and said it was a good thing. (unsure why- Im assuming it has to do with unlocking past lives memorys or something-maybe something to do with the energy adjustments and tuning the guides are doing for me)

Aunt Clair
1st August 2007, 04:13 PM
Clairvoyantly there are many forms I have seen of peers in projection ie

white , black ,akasha , gold ~ various energy body stages
purple ~dragon self
Indigo ~ male astral double
blue ~ guardian angel
green ~ mini me mental body
yellow ~ higher self , united GA/HS
orange ~ lower self
red ~guardian demon
rose ~female astral double

Skin colour does not occur in any of these except the HS.The body remains a buttery white yellow only the face shows up in natural skin colour and perhaps the hands . But the HS is not easily seen by self or others . Whereas the OBE Astral Double is much easier to see because it is a heavier lower vibration . The skin colour is not apparent in the "astral double "generally .

Angels , Mahatma or immortal teaching spirits do show up in skin colour too . The aspect called the Astral Double on the Astral Planes is skin coloured for everyone .

What I meant to convey here was that I am excited to see skin colour on the astral double in RTZ for the first time on myself and in my peers .
I have seen Robert Bruce demonstrate skin colour and Sai Baba .
Robert Bruce has a uniquely strong energy body and even he has not always appeared skin coloured in RTZ but he has done so for example as early as in 1995 .

So we all appear skin colour in HS or in astral plane projections . However , it is much more difficult to appear to a peer in skin colour in the RTZ . Until this year , I have only witnessed that on two projectors even amongst many able peers .The advantage of this would be the ease of identity amongst a less clairvoyant friend or relative . This could help us communicate better with peers also .

It is harder to project a heavy body so we opt to project lighter vibration energy bodies instead . But being able to project a denser vibration at will will allow us to be seen when by others and this is a good skill to have .

If you can do this too , I am keen to see it and would love to do so . Please contact me and allow me to witness your projection in an online energy body reading .

2nd August 2007, 12:21 AM
Hi Aunt Clair,

I understand your post better now. Your knowledge of AP is admirable, I hadnt yet considered exploring how others energy bodies are perceived in the RTZ. I have witnessed energy bodies looking as though made of water, with only eyes that seem very bright in the RTZ. My guides/teachers appear in skin colour in what I assume is the RTZ (still cant quite tell-no sign posts lol-) usually sitting on my outside balcony waiting. Some drop in while Im a sleep to wake me up.

To be quite honest, Im unsure of what takes a long time to learn or advanced techniques. I just relay my experiences from a foundation devoid of knowing what is meant to happen or not-to understand more of what Im perceiving. I hope I dont come across as big noting myself in anyway, as I dont really know what is meant to be advanced?

I will PM you :)

Aunt Clair
2nd September 2007, 10:28 AM
Thanks for your time and attention , it is kind of you to reply . :D