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5th August 2007, 07:08 AM
I am going to try my best to keep this short. I am sort of new to AP read a book and tried it maybe 15 - 20 yrs ago without success. I have decided to try to learn more about it recently since I feel a need to develop spiritualy and for the fact that I have had some losses of loved ones over the last decade that have been hard to cope with ove the last so many years. I need validation of the afterlife to truly believe.

The last few days I havnt been practicing too much partially due to the Neg stuff I have been reading and events in my home.

12 years ago my step father committed suicide. It was as you can imagine a shock and a life changing experience. My mother has not slept in their room since. ( it happend outside of the home ).

My brother took that room a while after. He was okay and moved out a few years later. Due to stress he had a break down and was diagnosed as being schizoeffective (I am sorry for the bad spelling) it is related to schizophrenia. I am not really blaming this room a lot of things troubled him in life.

He moved back home and had the room again for a couple of years. He made a lot of attempts at suicide at this point overdosing on meds. I don't think he was completely serious in these attempts as he would always attempt when he new someone would find him and spent a lot of time in the hospital afterwards.

This was stressful on the rest of my family and eventually my mom thought it would be better for him and us if he found his own place. He moved out again and no more attempts for a couple of years when he felt really down he checked himself in to the hospital.

He had an on and off relationship which ended and he made his last attempt last summer. His roomate found him but it was too late.( on an unrelated note, his poor roomate had found his own mother dead from suicide a year or so before)

A couple of days later we had a black out at our house. Since then the microwave started acting up. It will start moving through different settings by itself. it will be okay for days, weeks or sometimes months and then it will act up again. It starts going on different times like a couple of minutes and starts. It seems to act up more before and during holidays and one time when it wasnt acting up for a long time a month or 2, I was in his old room and was angry with him begging him for a sign, came downstairs and it turned on about an hour later. The touch lamp in the room upstairs has turned itself on a couple of occasions.

My mother has told me she has heard heavy breathing in the room. My brother had asthma and would breathe extremely heavy when sleeping. She has since told me that she has seen orbs in the room a bunch of times.

For most of my life I have been a non believer, I have believed and flipped flopped a couple of times. Now, again I am wondering.

I have had another unrelated reason that has caused a lot of stress in my life in the last couple of days that has made me not want to try AP at the moment. It would be a little lengthy to explain and this post is getting longer than I intended.

My life is very confusing at the moment and thought I would try to get some opinions on this.

Thank you,

5th August 2007, 07:38 AM
Hello, Rob.

I can understand why you are not too keen on projecting given the events in your life. But projection seems not to be a way to attract entities, and for some people it seems to be part of regaining control of their lives spiritually.

You can invest time in work that helps in projecting while not feeling ready to project yet. NEW energy work can help in all kinds of ways be developing the energy body. This can help projecting, your general health, your emotional well-being, awaken latent psychic powers and make the metaphysical more real for you.

You could have a look at the Psychic Defense tutorials for finding out about ways to get rid or minimise damage done by an entity if there is one. I cannot say whether it is your brother and what the correct course of action is, but protecting yourself and your mother is a good start, and then more can be done that might help.

See here: http://www.astraldynamics.com/tutorials/?BoardID=10

Take good care,