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Aunt Clair
21st September 2007, 02:42 PM
After mastering Robert Bruce's NEW Full Body Circuit , I suggest trying to play with energy . I feel that if we use what we open , we continue to strengthen our energy body .

Raising the Dragon is a linear one way approach to move energy thru the Kundalini Channel . But I feel all can benefit from deep cleansing thru the central channel crown to toes followed by raising energy toes to crown .

After becoming comfortable with raising energy up from Crown to toes , we have been instructed by spirit teachers to attempt recirculating energy while in trance .By breathing warm fire and earth energy up the front and pulling water and air energy down the back of the spine , we maintain energy and increase efficacy of trance to heal , exorcise , manifest , practice psionices and all energy work .

Now the bar is raised once more and we were asked recently in circle to try this exercise during trance ; Try to split the flow so that hot white gold fire came up the front toes to crown and cold silver blue water came down the back crown to toes . But concurrently to take the warm red energy up the right and move it down the left as cool aqua air energy . This is not easy at first but it really improves the flow , the trance and the clairience .

And I am not sure if this next exercise will help to run all 4 elements in the channel but you might try it alone also . Robert and a friend learned that the kundalini channels Ida and Pingala can be manipulated at will by the magician to cause energy to rise up the right leg only or up the left leg only .

When I try this ,I see the primal male electric warm red earth rising up the central channel of the right leg and the primal female magnetic cool blue water energy rising up the central channel of the left leg . I feel tingling in the central spine from chest to hips as I do this .

I feel that a circuit can be done here by rising on right to the heart and descending to the left leg . I feel the energy pool but then pull from the left heel to the right instep to repeat the circuit .

Circuits help to open the energy body to attune , to discipline the will and intention of the magician to manipulate elemental energies , to remove blockages and to acclimate to the various elemental prana .

Recently in my circle and in other sitters I see the limb becomes bisected in 2 planes or quadrosected in 4 planes of elemental energies . Now the phalanges are doing the same thing . That is that what had been the right fire pinky is still fire on the top of the hand but beneath it is cool indigo water running too .

Soon after this develops flanking planes of energy manifest . For example
on the fire finger of the right hand we now have 4 planes ;
1 fire on top
2 water below
3 air on the left
4 and earth on the right .

So this pattern is continuring on each of the limbs and each of the phalanges .

Energy exercises help us to fully use the diverse elemental flow . And what works on the legs can work also on each little finger . For example ;

Consider fire & earth run up and water & air run down . Now pull the dominant energy first .So run fire up the right pinky and down the back of it thru the base of the finger and repeat . Now try to also move earth up the right and down the left .


Aunt Clair
21st September 2007, 02:44 PM
image: http://www.reikitummo.org/images/stories/img-cont/RKT%20Energy1s.jpg[/center]

There are some that feel that energy passing upwards on the kundalini channel from the perineum to the crown is kundalini energy . But I agree with Robert Bruce's definition that kundalini energy occurs during kundalini events . The pre-kundalini energy stimuli and the stimulating of the kundalini channels should not be called kundalni energy per se .

There are many forms of energy attunements and initiations which may cause energy to be raised in vibrastion and/or to be lifted thru the kundalini channels .

In initiatic magick , the immortals offer such attunements in the realms .

In alchemical contagion those that are similar in vibration can be lifted to the vibration of those nearby and to the vibration of the planet when they are ripe to be affected .

Also there are forms of energy exchange such as Shaktipat

http://www.siddhayoga.org/teachings/sha ... tipat.html (http://www.siddhayoga.org/teachings/shaktipat/shaktipat.html)
Spiritual awakening, or shaktipat, lies at the heart of the mystical journey. This infusion of energy from the spiritual master to the seeker brings about the awakening of the seeker's own inherent spiritual power, called kundalini. Shaktipat is described by the yogic texts as an initiation that activates an inner unfolding of awareness that leads to progressively higher states of consciousness.
http://www.siddhayoga.org/teachings/sha ... tipat.html (http://www.siddhayoga.org/teachings/shaktipat/shaktipat.html)
Whatever the method, those who have had successful Kundalini Awakening can be recognized by their healthy body, happy countenance, appearance of anahat-shabd or the "inner sound" known as AUM or WORD, beautiful, peaceful eyes, becoming an urdhvareta or one in whom the reversal of the flow of semen has taken place or the one who has attained the power of retaining the semen, and the purification of body and nerves.
Shaktipat means the descent of grace, or transmission of energy, and it is a vitally important presence in the awakening of the kundalini. Shaktipat can be received from the teacher in four primary ways -- through the look, touch, thought, and word. In the tantric tradition shaktipat is understood to be the highest form of spiritual initiation, providing the initiate with immediate access to the divine energy dwelling within them. It is the fire that ignites and sustains the release and rising of the kundalini.
http://www.kundalini-teacher.com/initia ... tipat.html (http://www.kundalini-teacher.com/initiations/shaktipat.html)
“Shakti” is another word for kundalini and “pat” means to descend.
In Sanskrit, Shakti means "power" or "energy," and pat means "transfer."

...in which humans may purposely stimulate the energy body channels of a peer or student to raise them to like vibration . There is such a form of energy transference in Reiki Tummo , for example .

Reiki Tummo is a unique combination of Reiki and Kundalini designed to give the practitioner an effective Reiki healing capability. ...

I am not suggesting that you pay exorbitant fees for this "service" because it can be given to you freely in the realms but it might demonstrate the confusion in the terms between moving energy thru the kundalini channel to stimulate it and a bonafide kundalni event which comes when the vibration is reached ;
http://home.exetel.com.au/milkyway/inde ... _padma.php (http://home.exetel.com.au/milkyway/index_reiki_1_padma.php)
"Reiki Tummo is a unique combination of Reiki and Kundalini designed to give the practitioner an effective Reiki healing capability."

I find these images insightful as they demonstrate the two major flows of energy thru the gateways of the spine . But I feel it is inherently wrong to label these flows as Universal coming from Divine Source if descending and kundalini if ascending . One reason I cannot accept this naming is that Kundalini ascends and descends thru these same channels .

The rising has been called the reversal of semen . The kanda from which the original flames arise is called the Male Kanda in the perineum or the Throne of God in the male tan tien of the EarthStone .
The descending has been called the female semen . The kanda from which the original flames descend is called the Female Kanda in the scalp or the Crown of the Goddess in the female tan tien of the MoonStone .

The first flame rises as yellow sun, the second flame falls as platinum blue moon . The pink flames rise up and down as the avatar . This is the Trifold flame .

The green flame falls down and then up stopping in the heart as well . It is the princess . The 5th is silver and completes the chitra.

Then a number of other coloured flames arrive until 14 principal nadis have passed thru the ascension channel . All of those were male electric energy in the form called Mother Kundalini .

Then Father Kundalini comes bringing water and air kundalini . These come thru the back and front and are not confined to the primary ascension channel .

Then the gates have been opened and the juvenile nadis form like coloured crayons wriggling like finger sized fat worms of energy within the energy body . By ascending from the throne and concurrently descending from the crown these join in the heart to mature it .

After much work and preparation the heart kanda matures enough to cause kundalini to enter into it also . The cobras are felt to rest within it early on but they do not come into the energy body from the heart before this time .

Aunt Clair
21st September 2007, 02:50 PM
Reiki Tummo
these two very powerful energies will work in synergy giving you the simultaneous and thorough cleansing and all of your main chakras. Thus, you can get all of your main chakras cleansed in a very short time compared to using only universal energy or Kundalini energy.


I love these insightful images which I want to share with you confirming the benefit to moving energy both ways crown to toes and toes to crown .

Aunt Clair
21st September 2007, 02:52 PM
There is a need for cleansing the energy body because it builds up stale prana , toxins , negativity , dis-ease . Words , thoughts , acts of non-love pollute the energy body . Basically it is darkened by that which we do as a bully to others or as a victim from others who bully us .

This can be purged and should be cleaned daily . There are two main paths to bring energy into the body for cleansing one is crown to toes and the other is toes to crown . By deep cleansing in one direction and raising in the opposite a greater cleaner light comes to the energy body for work.

I do not agree with the terms kundalini energy & reiki or divine source energy used in this manner as in this link
but the images are correct imho and are useful to demonstrate that energy comes in through these two mainkandas

Moon Goddess light & Sun God's fire FIRE
.................Kether ,Reiki , Divine Source
...........................Alpha os aka star point ,soul star etc
....................crown of Goddess
.............................nose ...............Prana AIR
.......................Throne of God
..........................Omega OS aka earth point ,grounding point etc
........................... kundalini
...........WATER left foot... right foot EARTH

The problem of terminology exists in semantics only as Kundalini occurs initially at the throne but also comes to the kandas at the crown & heart so it is incorrect to label toes to crown as K energy .

More on Tummo Reiki
Citation :

White Wolf
22nd September 2007, 09:21 PM
I find these images insightful as they demonstrate the two major flows of energy thru the gateways of the spine . But I feel it is inherently wrong to label these flows as Universal coming from Divine Source if descending and kundalini if ascending . One reason I cannot accept this naming is that Kundalini ascends and descends thru these same channels .

You are awesome Aunt Clair, these imagine categorize many of the sensation that I've witnessed in my meditations.


While I don't understand all the terminology here, this is how I experienced my body when I first started also.


This is what I experience most of the time now, after I've removed a large perhaps parasitic structure attached around my spine and on up into my head. my energy flow feels like a large column of pressure that is puncuated at the brow, where it is enlarged and expanded.

I have to disagree with the note that it says it takes many years of practice to open the channels. Mine were opened in just a few weeks of gentle, but constant manipulation.


I went from the first picture to this in a single week, and later that night, I experienced the the next picture.


Minus the fire part, this very close to how I experienced free flow in my energy body. Especially the flowing all the way ito the crown, and the piece of blockages that would flow with it, and get stuck in your crown if you didn't take care of it. It was a very euphoric experience too, when I first opened the channel to flow all the way through at will, it was very peaceful. I miss it.