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31st October 2007, 05:07 AM
Hi guys, I'm recently joined to the forum mainly for my interest in kundalini and energy work.

I am able to move objects somewhat at the moment been learning for 3 months, i can move 10 stack wheels of paper, direction control, straws etc. (pretty normal at this point in time for me to move 5 stacks easily).

I have also moved objects as big as my computer mouse, tooth picks, matches etc.

My demonstrations can be found under "Thoughtbreach" on youtube. I have come across some discoveries and am making newer more dramatic progress, however I would be considered a beginner by the standard that is out there.

If you think I may be of use to you andyou have some questions, maybe I can help you from time to time.


31st October 2007, 02:39 PM
When you have 20 posts please post a link to your channel. :lol:

5th November 2007, 03:45 AM

There's the link, it has got the days since i began in the headings of the clip too. I deleted a few of the movies.

5th November 2007, 09:11 AM
Thoughtbreach, some advive. It's always more convincing if you show that there's nothing going on under the table and if you cover the wheel with some kind of transparent shield against breath.

5th November 2007, 11:07 AM
lol, settle down beekeeper wich your advive, ive mentioned i only just started, but moving 10 this early is not bad if you know anything about doin hardcore tk. most people dont get past 1.

Here is 1 of my teacher from the club doing what you request with the transparent cover and all:


You knw no clip is up to everyones liking dnt yaa? You just love me,



6th November 2007, 06:13 PM
I think you may be of use to me ;)

You say you started only 3 months ago and already you can move 10 stack wheels of paper with directional control, straws etc... Sounds impressive to me. btw, why have you got a jumper over your head in that demonstration on youtube. Don't you want to be recognised, have you got something to hide, only joking...

So did you actually join a club 3 months ago? I didn't realise there was such things... Can you share the information you learnt from that with us/me, from the beginning though of course... What you're thinking/feeling etc.

Have you tried bending spoons 8)


7th November 2007, 01:30 AM
Yo Eternal how are ya? Yea was moving 10 by day 17.

The reason why i have shirt over my head is to show i not breathing like a bulldog upon the straw, hence blowing it like some loser. lol. The reason why a newbie like myself cant move obects that much when is covered is because, 1 cant help trying to move the container rather then whats inside. lol. It truly is a mental art.

Yes there are a few clubs on the internet. The clip I sent you of Godspeed imho is the greatest pker "publically" on the internet. Check out his ability, is insane. Click on his profile in youtube and follow the link to his club, that's where i'm at. He rarely online though.

Also another guy i use to help me is Float, he is very cool dude (http://www.upconline.net/). Some of these guys have been training for 8+ years. Amazing idiot randy tried to approach these guys with his million fake bond challenge, but randy then backed out last minute, the loser is selective. I wouldn't join that group unless your really hardcore serious, they moderators like float are very tough, some ridiculous questions are asked in true Dragonball Z manner.

Feelings and thoughts...This part is the damn pain to explain. Basically you have to put yourself in a state where you are so relaxed your body is close to asleep but your mind is nice and awake. Try about 9-11pm.

After you get to this relaxed state, look upon the object you want to move, start with something nice and light! Not a Car or something, lol. Like a small piece of foil on a pin. Now, try and separate the object and you from all other distractions by "locking" on to it. You are locked on to it when you feel you have a complete understanding in your Uber relaxed mind of its dimensions, shape. It kind of starts glowing a bit in your eye, i believe this is auric vision that you get naturally after you super relax the physical.

From there is the harder part, kind of got to feel inside center of your skull is like a little switch (the gland). This is how i can change directions at will. Also once you nice and familiar with the wheel, move onto some other object, don't stay with it too long like i did. And remember not practice too long, it drains you like a #$^ in the beginning.1-2hrs is nice.

There's other things too that i am working on right now...There's like 2 components to this art imho, 1. concentrating and connecting with object. 2. Building up energies. And yes, Robert Bruce's energy awareness is important to this. They are all linked pk/energy body/OB/remote view etc. And yes, knowing a little about pk helps with body awareness.

Hope i could help you mayte

p.s. Yes, have done spoons and forks, that is beginner level that mos of us are on. Yes it is real, they can be bent without physical touch dramatically. Again checkout godspeeds youtube clips. However i dont knw if famous people like geller are for real 100% of time. :twisted:

8th November 2007, 03:16 PM
Hi Matey, thanks for the info, is very useful indeed...

I'm just kind of starting out AGAIN after spending several years studying Psychology (See topic in introductions section) during which time my energy levels decreased dramatically. And now that my Psychology degree has finished, suddenly my energy levels have increased dramatically - weird I know...

I used to dabble with the old PSI wheel and for awhile it did turn, but, I wasn't sure, and was never convinced, it was me doing it or the wind!! I'm a bit of a skeptic I suppose, probably why I studied Psychology.

I logged into Godspeed09's profile and watched his videos. Bloody amazing I have to say. It's hard to believe unless you can actually do it yourself though...

Do you use your abilities as party tricks? I bet you do - you'd be very popular!!

One last thing regarding the bending of spoons. Does it have to be silver because most spoons are stainless steel and I'm sure I've heard somewhere that they must be silver.

8th November 2007, 04:28 PM
I'm just kind of starting out AGAIN after spending several years studying Psychology (See topic in introductions section) during which time my energy levels decreased dramatically. And now that my Psychology degree has finished, suddenly my energy levels have increased dramatically - weird I know... I don't think it's weird at all. Psychology, or the study of the mind, like many other intellectual pursuits channels energy through the third eye- so it is understandable that you felt your energy levels to be diminished. Yet, they were being used towards understanding, something that is of benefit to humanity (IMO, anyway.) So it's just a matter of realizing that either now or in the future you are gaining insights in ways that mesh very well with spirituality, (Just my opinion, of course.) and enhance or are complementary to it.

9th November 2007, 04:26 AM
Heya maytes

The intellectual pursuits are great at offering a perspective at looking at reality. Psychology is nice view. I'm finishing up my business degree, but i have done studies in science and music too, Congrats on finishing the degree.

I do find mainstream reality often does drain you, it's always a challenge balancing system work and awareness of what we are, unless you got it well integrated. It's purposively a challenge, hence we would all be very much awake by now and control mechanisms would be totally different on Earth. We seem to have no choice but to spend our lives getting ourselves the rights we are supposed to be born with. Such as food, water, clothing, travel, partners etc give and take.

Pessimistic as i put it, lol, you are doing great that you never give up on understanding the ultimate.

Sure it takes years to learn anything, and mainstream world is so backward that PK is limited to party tricks, lol, but it is not the object that is moving, but the act we are actually moving it with our mind that brings people joy...I'd say Pk has applications in healing, doing things on space craft, levitation and of course, infamously... military. (By the way i am learning empty force).

Here is a clip of float, tryin to float a coin under container:


As for me, mayn i suck at moment. Can barely move a tooth pick. And i moved a mouse by accident a few times...I tried to do healing on my mother, and she got a headache and almost fell asleep, lol... Takes some time, got to try many things. My problem is the last step, that telling the object to make move.. I get a lock on, and i have lots of energy but my concentration doesn't focus steadily in 1 motion. So things sort of quiver at best.


9th November 2007, 05:49 PM
By the way i am learning empty force). Would you elaborate? Curious.

14th November 2007, 02:27 AM
Empty force is basically using psychokinetic energy with self defense application in mind. It takes many years and many hours of practice. More practice maybe then most people are willing to put in even on this forum.