View Full Version : so i noticed something last night

24th November 2007, 05:42 PM
I was practing projecting...and im listening to the track "Concious-Exit OBE Practice" (the second track..its the 17:06 minutes long one)...

and im layin on my body...and i noticed that i can hear like... a sound that goes as fast as my vibrations...if my vibrations are slow..then this specific sound is that slow...i turned over on my stomach...and i put my hand on my stomach. so i was pretty much layin on my hand. and i could here that little sound..and i felt vibrations...like my energy hand felt the energy vibrations...and the sound coming from my head phone was as fast as the vibrations that i could feel on my hand. like...its not the actualy frequency sound that comes from the track...but a sound in the background...idk how to describe it.

it's just something i noticed..i thought it was interesting.

24th November 2007, 07:20 PM
dont have much experience with using audio for OBE... but if i were you, I wouldn't spend too much more time 'wondering' if these are 'vibrations' you are feeling... of course they are... sometimes they can be just a humm,,, or feel like different 'octaves' (vib within a vib)... are you keeping a journal..? I write about energy body events/lucid dreams/OBE's etc... it helps me recognize patterns, and reassures my sub'conscience' that I want to learn more... does that make sense? also because, after several conscience exit projections, you will be delighted that you were keeping notes the whole time...

24th November 2007, 07:42 PM
you know earthborn...i feel ill never be able to project...UGH.

no matter how many vibrations i feel...i never seem to go anywhere with them...ive resorted to setting a set time with my friend in order for both of us to project...as in...he projects..comes to my body..and by the time he gets to my body, i would've been vibrating and he can just pull me out...

do you think that would work???